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  1. I am sitting here in the hospital watching my grandma die. She is moaning and groaning. Her pain is at a 10. I don't know her that well but it makes me sad. They can't give her any pain meds because her blood pressure is way to low. Found out she has pancrititise and polyps in her lungs (smoked for 45 years). I am sad to watch this, but no one deserves to die in this much pain. Just thought i would rant....pretty shitty new years. But on the brighter side...hit the grav tonight. First time smoking in a few weeks. And only the second since February. But i have been sober since i came to the hospital.....hope you guys had a god new year
  2. Sorry to hear. They should pull the plug. But that is not my place to say, just, i hate to hear she's suffering. My heart goes out for you both, God bless
  3. If she's dieing why don't they give her pain meds anyways?
  4. Well they don't know. She didn't go in but an hour ago. My dad did it with get grandma and he is probably going to do the same thing with his mother. Very sad.....
  5. Please dont take this offensively, but the pain meds could make her die quicker, but it wont be as painful. The only reason they arent giving them to her are for liability reasons. Just another perfect example of why every lawyer in america should be put into death camps
  6. Shit man. I hope the best for your grandma. Stay strong, dude.

  7. Why don't we do away with the shitty society we live in? Not trying to sound like a repub here because I walk the line but specifically with lawsuits why does everyone think that they deserve something because they were put out a little bit. This stuff is a slippery slope. Someone spills their hot coffee on their own and the restaurant is at fault? Then we have personal liability and malpractice problems. Not taking away from people who have been legitimately wronged and were awarded compensation, but %50 of lawyers are for protection too.
  8. Because that also means we do away with technology, which means no internet, no phones, no tv, or even modern cooking equipment.

    We need to move forward, not back. Our current global situation is in a statistical depression, but the only solution is to promote the goodness of humanity in everyone

  9. You may or may not be getting at this but I think that moving toward this "one world order" bullshit is not wise. Survival of the fittest. We live in an over-pussified world. The thing is it is only the western world and europe. Not because of technology but because of us being too worried about other peoples' opinions of us. It's a sad day. We all want free shit and we all do feel entitled, and I'm guilty of it too. Victims of the society we live in.
  10. Thank You for share !!!!!!!!!
  11. slip her an edible
  12. I kept thinking she needs some mary Jane....
  13. Well they gave her some pain meds. She is now on life support. Not much longer guys. Really wish i woulda got to know her better. She is a very nice lady. I am going over there later. they aren't sure what to do. Whether to treat or just sedate her. I guess its not full on life support but close.
  14. i feel for ya, man. i watched my grandfather die of emphysema and a staph infection. it makes me fear being old in a sense: just slowly taking all this medication until i'm in so much pain, i can't bear living anymore
  15. Hey sorry to hear man but it seems you're semi ok with letting her go, good for you. When people are in a position like your grandma and it's almost inevitable, people tend to hold on for too long and make it harder on everyone. Stay strong man
  16. Goddamnit man that sucks...
    I've seen both of my grandparents in the hospital shortly before they passed.
    It's sad to see them suffer man, but life goes on. And even if it doesn't for grandma at least she won't be suffering.
    Good luck man I wish you and your fam the best..
  17. So this morning at 6 they decided to give her the pain medication. They found out her kidneys were not work very well. They put her on life support and in the isu around the same time. she was still very coherent but there is nothing more to do. honestly she lost her will to live kind off. i cant blame her. i am very sad to this happen to her but at the same time after watching the amount of pain she was in and hearing her ask my dad repeatedly "to just make it stop and no more pain" that its for the best. Her body just shut down. I got to say my goodbye while she was coherent. I am going to miss her....allot actually. she has 24 hours, and i am going to be there the rest of the night.

    there is something to take from this if you ask me though. family is the first thing, don't take them for granted. Also don't sweat the small problems you have in life. i see allot of people pissed because there parents wont let them smoke, or this or that. honestly, that small potatoes when it comes to life. be glad you have family whether they don't want you to smoke or not, they think they are helping you and either way that's a good thing. be glad your healthy and those around you are healthy. and remember it always can be worse......have a good night guys.
  18. Sorry for what your grandmother is going through, it sucks.
    Lost both my parents to lung cancer, both 35 yr smokers, both quit 15 yrs, but the damage was done.
    With a cancer rate of 33%, TOBACCO, is a harmful drug but its all about the money.

    Alot of wisdom in the words you wrote. Hoping and praying for a peaceful transition for your grandma.
  19. She passed last night, less than 24 hours after being admitted. It was for the best. And ya, i am going to quit smoking and take better care of myself.
  20. I'm sorry, but it's for the best man. Good for you for kicking the habit!

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