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Sitting here, I ponder about kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roma, May 3, 2011.

  1. Okay, you have some sweet, pure and innocent kief. Fresh from the grinder. If you take that sweet hit, would you exhale your hit after 3-4 seconds like with bud or do you hold it all in like you would with a vape? Since it's only kief, but I am not so sure :confused: mystery..
  2. i try to hold ALL my hits in for like 7+ sec...but thats just me and im a big time weed conserver

    kief is one of the greatest things ever...second only to hash:hippie: the point is, hold those hits and youll always get higher
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  3. Doesn't matter IMO, you will be fucking lit either way...
    If it seriously concerns you, just hold it in longer.
  4. I hold all my hits for 2-3 seconds max. Including keif. No need to hold longer for keif, it's already going to get you higher.

    Big rip, hold 2-3 seconds---anything over is just overkill in my opinion. Just take a good rip.
  5. you're saying that you'll get higher anyways, like you have houses made out of kief

    "oh yeah, let's smoke the kitchen sink, looks like a good day outside"

  6. lolwut?^
  7. im with closet grower on holding hits longer

    i mean I DONT SMOKE CIGS, so ill gladly absorb EVERYTHING in my expensive buds

    even if all the thc is absorbed quickly, its not the only thing that contributes to a great high

    kief = HELL YES. lol
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  8. I don't really understand why anyone wouldn't hold the hit for a while.. its like buyin an 8th and smokin 3g.
  9. I just imagined your avatar saying it in like baby voice lol
  10. Christians die daily think about that
  11. dude are you some sort of priest? you just totally blew my mind

    preach brotha :wave:
  12. I'd just throw it into a joint if I were running out of bud (I've been collecting my kief for 2 1/2 years now in the bottom of my grinder - I'm saving it for when I'm dry...I HAVE heard/seen people using bongs but for me and the amount I've got over the time I've been "puffin' the magic dragon" it would HAVE to be in a spliff coz it'd be gone in 2 mins)

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