Sites for best Black Friday deals?

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  1. Been debating getting PS4 for a while because my PS3 is old and sounds like a fucking jet engine! With Black Friday coming around the corner I have heard there will be many bundles at different stores ...anyone know any good sites for BF or any good bundle deals that are or will be available? Not feeling like spending $500 on a new system + game + controller without getting some kind of deal  :smoke:

  2. i thought this was going to be list of the best black friday sales for PC gamers like the steam sale and humble bundle. you disappointed me OP
  3. dude I've been thinking the same way man.  I have a 360 but want a ps4.  I figure most mainstream stores will have really good deals on black friday and the following few days after.  
  4. I saw best buy is gonna have a ps4 gta:v n the last of us remastered bundle for 400. Pretty good deal. If best buy has it every other place will too.
  5. Check a site called growpon....just google it. Shows all the deals daily...
  6. Heh, if you only you knew the glory of steam sales or pirating.
    Either pay $500 for a console for specific exclusives to play at 30fps and deal with the prices and limited games or build a PC and get your games for 75% off when you do feel like paying for one.
    You gotta pay to play.
  7. i don't get what your view is lol.  Your first two statements are that PC gaming is cheaper but your last sentence states that you have pay to play ha.  
    One is around $1,200 and that is all you have to spend. The other is $500 with $60 games that run at half the output.
  9. ah ok, so really you to pay to play if you want to get a console, because lets face it there is a likely chance you will easily pay more than 700 dollars for games.
  10. For a tenth of the games.
  11. AFAIK internet shopping deals occur on the monday following black friday. Its called Cyber Monday. You wont find the deals you are looking for ONLINE on black friday.
  12. Go shopping at walmart. Better wear a suit of armour lol. I read that last year, people were tasing each other and getting in fist fights over the PS3.
  13. They need to just get rid of black friday. I wounder how many ppl will die this year. They should just make all the deals online so workers can stay home and ppl can stay safe and buy shit in their underwear lol. Shits getting a little ridiculous
    Free market, baby. What are you, some sort of commie?
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    Check out I fucking love that website. 
    As far as console vs. PC. I primarily game on my PC because I built myself a gaming PC... Some people don't have the confidence to build their own computer. I, myself, also like to play some console games. The Last of Us is reason enough to buy a ps3 for dirt cheap or a ps4 for the updated version and other future releases. Not to mention halo-esque shooters (destiny) play better with a controller imo. Not to mention most people play on console, so more often than not you'll have groups of friends all on the same console. I know that it's the same way for PC, but again, there's a higher level of "buy-in" if you will when it comes to custom PC's. 
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    lol i remember when the Wii came out swear to god a riot broke out over the last one in walmart in Orlando. lol. just think about it...a Wii caused a riot......This is why i wait for Cyber Monday...Black friday is to mainstream lol. 

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