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  1. I know for myself, I love t shirts. But i like my shirts to have some pizazz to it. There are a number of sites that sell shirts, but a lot of them are pretty lame what with $30 price tags and all that bs.

    So here are some sites that I usually buy my shirts from...

    So the first one is This site is cool because its basically a giant community of people who submit their shirt designs and everyone else votes on them and the ones with the best scores get made. There are so many different shirts one this site to fit any individual's taste. The prices aren't bad either with shirts going from$15-20. And they alsways have sales where all the shirts are $10.

    Here are some of the designs:




    A lot of the shirts I've bought from here get compliments all the damn time on how cool they are soooo....:cool:

    For all the dead gutter punk heads out there in the GC, there is Angry Young and Poor. This place is great for band shirts. They have a lot of hard to find stuff that Hot Topic don't even know about. They have a lot of Cult Classic movie shirts too. And all the shirts are under $20.

    Anyway there are more that i can't think of but anyway. If you like random ass shit to wear on yourself, check em out....Or don't.
  2. Haha threadless is a give in. They have that new LOST shirt i might plan on getting.

    HotTopic usually has some decent shirts once in a while. Band shirts etc.

  3. Hot Topic sucks unless you like Twilight and overly priced goods.

    Oldglory is another good site for entertainment based clothes. Movies, Bands, they also got the drug themed section.
  4. awesome ts, i will definetly be purchasing some.....but what many choices, most of them are awesome.
  5. I haven't seen much twilight in hot topic lately. Only thing i ever bought there was an old school batman logo shirt and a muse shirt. But thanks for that site! Been needing one.
  6. i really want that donut shirt eating the cops

  7. That is such a cool shirt. Damn me for not having seen it earlier.
  8. really cool site and cheap to only $11 for a shirt with shipping, im gonna watch that site till is see the right shirt
  9. has a nice selection

    all great sites
  11. for some over priced graphics T's, still sick though
  12. yes woot is awesome. soemtimes they have whats called the reckoning, where shirts are like 5 bucks.
  13. Haha, I just ordered two shirts off threadless.

  14. care to share which ones?
  15. Not quite..... :D

    The shirts are usually $10 with free shipping or $5 expedited shipping when they're shown for the first and only day.

    Then in the reckoning, their price jumps up to $15. This is just where to get shirts after they've been up for their 1 day - and if you miss it when its out for that one day, you get to pay $5 extra..

    see: Shirt.Woot: The Reckoning
  16. ordered 6 shirts off threadless :hello:
    also check out if it hasnt already been mentioned, awesome site, they sell one t shirt a day and after that day it's gone forever.

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