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  1. I had to quit using the forums two months ago because everything would take 5 minutes to open. Creating this forum itself took me 8 minutes. Wtf is wrong
  2. No issues here.

    Have you cleared your cache?
  3. How would I do that?
  4. Sounds like either Your connection or Your computer.
    You might want to call Your ISP and see if they're throttling You or something.

    Is it all websites or just this one? If it's just this one, it's more likely Your Computer.
    Or Your ISP just doesn't like this website.
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  5. seems ok in uk loading is normal........mac,
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  6. I haven’t had any problems
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  7. Typically, you'd go to Browsing History and then Advanced to clear cookies and cache. Just Google it to be specific to your device if you can't find where to go.
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  8. I hear ya.

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