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sitaution...need help!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by beyondblazed, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. ok so i have a fresh new g of some kill but i dont have a piece...any suggestions for a makeshift piece that will still get me blasted?
  2. you could roll it into a blunt, make a waterfall (big container with a bowl on the top and you cut a hole in the bottom), or smoke out of an apple, etc.
  3. if you want a j go buy a pack of 5 gum or any other gum that has foil on the wrapper. scratch/peel the foil off the wrapper and you got perfectly good rolling paper and it taste the the flavor gum you bough

    or you can you a apple or any other fruit that isnt too soft
    or you can get a water bottle put a socket on it and use the metal screen that in a ipod headphone as the screen for the socket
  4. you can also find screens where the water comes out of sinks.
    i guess that would be the "faucet".
  5. nobody wants to say it....ill say it....pop can... :(
  6. Make one out of a highlighter. Just look it up on youtube.
  7. This works well, find anything with a lid, like a glass jar or something and drill 3 holes in it, stick a straw in one hole, and make a downstem with a pen and put that in the other hole then the third hole is a carb. I used a tall glass jar like that for a long time and even though the hits aren't massive you can squeeze a lot of hits out of a bowl.
  8. Go buy a blunt or a papers and a rolling machine. Cant get the machine then get the paper and use a dollar bill

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