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Sit out method, AVB?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by notagain, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. pretty sure it need to be cooked in order for the THC to get absorbed into the fat.

  2. No, it's a proven fact that THC can be moved through simple exposure. And since it's AVB then it is also already decarbed. I'm just wondering how long it would need to sit before it absorbs a lot of potency.
  3. i would still heat it, it theoretically works, but most people do not have the patience to wait 3 weeks for the product to be worthwile.

    Also, peanut butter only has about 30% fat. For edibles that is very low, when using the sit out method this makes matters even worse. If you do plan to do the waiting game, at least add some other oil to the pb.

  4. Yeah, if I can I'll probably bake it tonight. I wish I could just eat it straight, hahaha. Thanks for your reply though! Anyone else have some insight on this? :smoke:
  5. I would agree with Jezn... Add some coconut or canola oil in with it before you cook it to increase the potency.
  6. I make a mixture of Nutella, PB, a few drops of both olive oil and coconut oil.
    I mix it all together and add my AVB to that before putting it into the crackers and foiling them up.

    Yes, the sit-out method works - I have tried this for the first time recently.
    I left mine out for like 3 days.
    It actually hit me harder and more immediately than those that I cook, though I think
    the duration was a little less.
  7. Cool, thanks for all the replies guys, really helpful. I didn't get a chance to cook em yet, so I'll throw in some olive oil for more fats and let them sit till this weekend. Then they will be potent as hell! :smoke: thanks guys!
  8. Okay, they have been sitting for 1 week and 5 days, I am downing the peanut butter now. It isn't too terribly bad, as longs as I have a cup of water! Ill let you guys know how this goes.
  9. you can just eat it straight. vaped bud is already decarbed so just eating it gets you high. I can personally attest to this as can many of my friends as this is what all of us do with our vaped bud, i personally like to mix mine in with ice cream, haha
  10. I can attest to it too.
    It's a lazy method.
    It's weaker, tastes like shit, an isn't palatable at all.
    But yeah it works...if you're lazy about it.
    You *can* make something WAY stronger that actually tastes halfway decent if you put like, a tiny amount of effort in.
  11. 13 hours later... Still in the clouds.
  12. Eating vaped weed works and anyone who says it doesn't hasnt tried it. I tried this last month and ate a few table spoons of vaped bud from my MFLB and was high for a good 5 hours.

  13. "Two weeks later, I'm still high." Juicy J :p
  14. [quote name='"KingFurgalur"']

    "Two weeks later, I'm still high." Juicy J :p[/quote]


    Two weeks later I'm still in the sky*
  15. [quote name='"jordanflight420"']


    Two weeks later I'm still in the sky*[/quote]

    You know what I meant. :p
  16. mmm i was about to go out and buy a 1/4 of an O to bake/ try firecrackers.

    But i also have a pill bottle full of ABV, soo i might try. How much does a pill bottle make for a firecracker? I want to try all 3 methods (let it sit, bake, eat by itself)

    but anyways im stil buying a 1/4 reglard less :)

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