sistermols pickup thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sistermol, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. hopefully alot more and alot better stuff to come

  2. ooooh, bad link. use imgur isntead
  3. barrrrsssss?!
  4. i wish but sadly its seroquel and some middies and all my pipes
  5. i would fucking KILL for some seroquil right about now...

    shit puts me down. i could use some good sleep.
  6. word and sometimes you get a tiny bit of euphoria
  7. nice stashola there
  8. i appreciate the complement but i think that later on today is gonna be a little better you will see
  9. What the hell is that thing with the tubes and water bottles?
  10. It's this homemade piece thing he showed me a few days ago, looks pretty nice when it's set up.

    Seroquel makes me feel like a zombie, though.
  11. been a while since i saw someone with suzy-q's
  12. I take 300mg seroquel a day prescribed. Why would you want to do it recreationally? It used to make me a little bit tired but now it doesn't do anything but help me being bipolar >_>

  13. i dont i take them when i have work the next morning and need sleep
  14. You call shitty sleeping meds with no rec value whatsoever, a water bottle contraption you probably can't even smoke out of, and a few 2 dollar wooden pipes a pick up? This thread is the epitomy of fail.

    Edit: I didn't see the .1 gram of what looks to be ground parsley, +5 to the failometer.
  15. the gold stemmed one was i think 175 the kinda curvy one was i think 120 the "water bottle contraption" actually hits very smooth with not very much drag and since the smoke is being filtered through the water 4 times you cant even feel it when you inhale all the other pipes were given to me by my grandfather before he died

    the weed was about 2.5 grams of some low mids i was saving
  16. no need to be disrespectful and mean
  17. LOL,
    yeah not what i expected , i also thought those were bars at first.

  18. Apologies. I can at least give some credit to sistermol as I assumed this was another: "HEY GUYZ, LOOK AT MY MOUNT EVEREST OF PERCOCET, GOING TO REHAB IN T-MINUS 3...2..1..".
  19. You seem to only communicate through sarcasm...mabye you should try something new? Mabye you wont be such an angry person if you have friends? just the way i interpret your 2 posts.

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