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sister won't stop stealing my weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by B-J-G, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. so i'm going to start locking up my stash. where can I buy a box I can lock with a pad lock?
  2. Get one from a hotel:rolleyes: But seriously Im sure you could find them almost anywhere. Assuming your sister isn't a locksmith some cheap ass plastic thing should be fine.
  3. you don't need to spend any money on a safe. just hide it really really well
  4. Staples or Office Max sells them. I got a decent sized lock box with a key for 19.99 at Staples.
  5. I've gone through every spot I can think of and she finds them every time. There are only so many places I can stick a mason jar lol
  6. Go to walmart and pick up one of the fireproof waterproof safes. They're about $30 for a medium sized one. It looks like flimsy plastic, but trust me, its not. I've tried breaking mine :p.
  7. Have you tried sharing with her? She might not take if you give, those who fight need to live
  8. You're supposed to hide it. Get a drawstring bag and tie it to a hanger. Put a shirt on the hanger then put it in your closet. Problem Solved
  9. introduce your hand to her face and she will stop taking from you
  10. Have you considered smacking a bitch?;)

    Put it in a back pack maybe? Thats where I always hid my shit. I mean who would expect someone to have bud in there back pack? If your still in school then of course dont bring it with you haha.
  11. Bike chains, lots and lots of bike chains.
  12. But a $20 Sentry lock-box safe from Walmart.

    I have one and its not too big on the inside but I guarantee no ones getting in it.

    They are made of like 1.5" thick hard plastic.

    Awesome for $20.
  13. Ive blazed her probably 20 or 30 times in the past, because shes my sister. She hasnt blazed me once so when I stopped sharing she started stealing.
  14. Friend had the same problem. He bought a cheap tool chest and put his own combo lock on it.
  15. That is what I was thinking at first.

    Thanks all for the replies, Im going to buy one tomorrow :)
  16. 1. Get up
    2. Go into her room
    3. take her pillow case off her pillow, lower pants in the rear slightly, and wipe your ass.
    4. Throw pillow case on her shoulder
    5. Leave silently
  17. Just tell her that if she keeps stealing your shit, you're gonna start stealing hers. Every time some of your bud goes missing, so will something of hers. After the first couple things of hers go missing, she'll stop stealing for sure. If not, esclate. You'll find how much weed is worth to her.

    She sounds like a stupid bitch who needs to be taught a lesson. Trust me, people learn REALLY fast when the tables are turned. Yeah a safe will help, but she'll never learn that way.
  18. A inexpensive tool box from home deopt or even walmart can be locked up with an inexpensive padlock...
  19. and then bike chain, and then tie it to an angry dog.
  20. Then take several turds on it. Ya know... to cover the weed smell.

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