Sister almost found my weed!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Burned Haze, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Note: my sister is about 13 years older than i and she lives next door (long story) anyhow i live on my own so its not like she can control me or tell my

    to the story!:
    Well my sis and I went to wendys one day and i didnt bring my wallet wit me so i owed her 5 bucks for food, anyhow next day or so she came to my house and asked for 5 bucks, and i said shure, well she followed me to my desk, well i half closed my desk so she couldnt see in it, well i thought she couldnt see at least. well i saw i lef tmy jar of pot out (4 grams at the time) and put it in my pocket and grabed the money. well before i gave her the weed i quikly put it in my stash box, well when i went out to give her the money and she asked what was in my pocket, and i said " nothing" she taped my pcokets and said she saw something, then she said i was up to something. man i was lucky cause my sis would call the cops.. fuckin bitch i swear!
  2. your own sister, calling the pigs?

    thats rough.
  3. Kill her LOL
  4. hotbox a room of her once...ya know, just for fun ???
  5. your own sister would call the cops on you? thats fucking stupid man..
  6. Funny
  7. mine would on me
  8. mine would on me too..reminds me of those bitches in the movie blow..
  9. Wow man. That is so harsh. (for you too tokin) If I did ever share with my Parents they would never dream of reporting me. They loath drugs and think marijuana just leads to herion. But they would still never turn me in! (My sibling smoked and would never turn me in. Plus no one would believe him anyway; he's crazier than a shithouse rat.)

    Of course we all take the risk of doing something illegal, but having your own blood turn you in and potentially start a record is just bullshit. You aren't a junkie who needs intervention, you smoke pot. Goddamn I hate to hear this.

    I wish you luck with her lurking around! Stay safe man!
  10. Wow, man, that sucks.

    Don't let that bitch back in your house.
  11. Right.

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