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    Hello community!

    Figured I'd start a first journal of my new perpetual closet. It's my first run in a few years and so I was ironing out my environment and making tweaks. Now that I'm closer to being dialed in I figure I'll share as I prepare the first harvest and start the next round.
    What I'm running...
    At the moment I'm finishing off 5 plants. All were midnight farms clones.
    Blue Skittles
    Lemon banana sherbet

    On deck, I made clones of everything, as well as I've sprouted 4 beans.
    Galactic Jack (tga)
    Pina rita (tga)
    Puna kea #2 (big island)
    Dog trap (redeyed)

    New plants are looking really great , Haven't been able to sex them yet. if I get any males and they're strong, I'll be keeping them for breeding, but hoping for girls of course. That'll decide what I run next.

    Here's my veg tray, clones on left, seeds on right.
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  2. And here's my flower room complete with a little bit of Bud porn.
    I plan to post more about my process and what I'm going through at the moment, but for now, thank you for letting me be part of the board. Look forward to getting to know you guys better.

    20180522_162911.jpg 20180522_162917.jpg 20180522_162906.jpg 20180529_214023.jpg 20180529_214045.jpg 20180529_214016.jpg 20180529_214028.jpg 20180529_214116.jpg 20180529_214055.jpg
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    Okay, so i figured I'd do a journal to show what I do, and maybe get a pointer or two or help out anyone that might want to do something simular. Feel free to post comments, bust my balls, or do whatever you want here. I don't own this space, and were all here to learn and talk about our favorite plant, so have at it.
    I'm cutting my first round tomorrow, and will be putting the next girls in as soon as ive cleaned and prepped the room. Then I hope to post more updates.
    Hoping this next round kills. Okay, checking out for now. Peace.
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    Ok, here's what my room looks like. It's 3'9" by 4'3" closet. I double drywalled the room to keep the noise acceptable since I live in an old building with no insulation. I have a separate area underneath where the reservoir lives which is designed to control humidity and keep the res cool. Everything is vented out the back of the closet and under the building.
    I run a 400 watt air cooled hps and an exhaust fan and filter. Running Co2 with a sentinel chh4 controller. Its gonna get hot here over the summer., hope I can keep it cool.

    20180614_201452.jpg 20180614_201501.jpg 20180614_201436.jpg 20180614_201440.jpg
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    Gave the girls a haircut, they look like the awkward teens that they are. Got some trim for clones. Probably gonna flip in the next week or two. Just waiting for the roots to thrive. Out of the four new seeds, pretty sure the dog trap is a female. Still preying on the others, but I'm feeling like at least one is Male. Maybe all three. We'll see when the ball drops. Guess I'll be slinging pollen if they are because these plants are healthy!

    20180621_191712.jpg 20180621_191636.jpg 20180621_191641.jpg 20180621_191622.jpg
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    As you can see, everyone is happy and healthy. This is the worst though, I'm having to toss a few perfectly healthy mature plants. Oh well, better this problem than not enough plants. Still waiting to see how many of the new seeds are female, so far two girls have shown their lady bits.

    And since it's on my phone, here is the nug I smoked last night of the cactus.

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  7. Clementine makes an outstanding live resin. Very terpy..smells and taste just like its name.
  8. Yeah I'm a fan, really like the high too, happy and chill but up.
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    Meant to be posted 7/8

    Fuck, last two days it was over 100 here and powers been off for 35 hours now. Powers not gonna be on till 11 tonight. Its cooled off some and I Just pulled them into my livingroom in front of my window. Gonna prey they just think it's a super eclipse or super cloudy super hot day and take it in stride, or else I'm gonna hafta start over again. Guess hermies a possibility too, but hopefully it's still early enough before flowering for them to readjust. Oh well...shit.
  10. They are back in temp control, electricity is back on. 55 hours without power. Brutal. My clones got zapped too. Moving on. Hope things still work out.
  11. The girls seem to be doing ok recovering from the power outage. They were packed tight, so between that and the heat, they're a little stretchy at the moment, which I hope will slow down now that they've been pruned and two of the plants have been culled from The Herd. I Still need to trim up a few of the plants, but overall I think they've survived. 20180712_190447.jpg

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  12. Here's the clones, as you can see some of them are hurting, but hopefully recovering. 20180712_205359.jpg 20180712_205353.jpg
  13. Ok, so the galactic jack is a Male, so I'll be taking pollen from him and hitting a few branches. 20180714_223212.jpg I'm waiting to see if this pina rita is a guy too, the plant is a beast, so I wouldn't be surprised. One or two branches look like it, but I can't tell for sure yet. 20180714_223308.jpg
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    I kept enough plants so that I had options in case I got males, and Im glad I did because it's looking like I might have two. If that turns out to be the case, I'll be running...
    Lemon banana sherbet
    Blue zkittles
    Puna kea 2
    Dog trap

    I'll also be crossing all six with pollen from the...
    Pina rita
    Galactic jack

    Goal for the near future is that I'll be using the clones of all plants to make feminized seeds to keep around the genetics. That way I can move on to running other strains without sacrificing anything. With plant counts, and space being an issue, it seems like the best path.

    So far, I killed off one of the clemantines and the acdc. Dont have any space to keep them, and have no one to give them to. I'm hoping the acdc clones root, itd be a real shame to have to track down simular genetics, as I'm planning on having that plant around for both personal use and for breeding.

    Of the strains I'm running now, my favorite plant so far is the cactus. It's super sticky, and has a nice mellow indica high, and a beautiful grape fuel flavor. I'm really looking forward to the crosses that come from this plant.

    Still need a strong night time indica in my current stash, so im hoping the dog trap fills the bill. My plan is to eventually have a wine rack of herb (many different varieties) so that i can choose different smoke for different occasions. As they say, variety is the spice of life.
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    Some more pics. Thinks are going well since the power outage it seems that the plants might be a little stretchy here with the heat but otherwise seem to be fairly unaffected.
    20180723_185943.jpg 20180723_185902.jpg

    The clones on the other hand are slowly coming back to life. Hope they take.

    20180723_185958.jpg 20180723_190005.jpg
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    Just installed a net and some PVC and L hooks on the wall it worked out really well . I'm still using the heavy 16 a and b, but ran out of prime this res change. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy another bottle or not because the girls seem to be doing just fine without it (and its wicked fucking expensive.). Since I'm supplementing fulvic acid and orca, I think the majority of the stuff from prime is probably covered. I'm going to give it another res change to see if anything underperforms, and if not I will complete the run without it.
  17. Still plugging along, had to bend some branches to keep the canopy more even. 20180725_193737.jpg
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    Summer time, and the livings easy... ok, about to watch a movie with my wife, but figured I do a little write-up and take some pictures while she's out having a smoke. Things seem to be coming along well the Puna Kea is a beast of a plant it's taken up a quarter of the canopy I bet that's going to yield a lot. All the other girls are looking good I've been super cropping them and situating them in the net to try to maximize light coverage. 20180727_192541.jpg 20180727_192609.jpg
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    Seems that I stressed the males too much taking them out of the room and moving them all over the place. I have clones of them for the future, but I doubt I'll be able to seed any of this crop.
    Hope the clem, acdc, and lemon banana clones take root. They look hurtin for certain. I'll know this week I suppose. I hope I don't lose them as Im not sure I'll be able to get them again. Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to keep them around, as I would love to make some crosses with them, and I need a high cbd strain for medical.
    20180729_103923.jpg the rooted clones look good though...
  20. 20180801_182211.jpg 20180801_182201.jpg
    Ok, had the day off, so made a modification to my clone and veg closet. I added about six more inches by dropping the shelf, which should give me enough Headroom for the veg. My last run had the girls pushing up the lights, so something needed to be done . Still need to fix and figure out the door, but its holding up for now.

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