Sirius- A documentary, the most revealing disclosure film of time

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    Hello fellow blades,


    This trailer is for the most revealing disclosure film yet, which will reveal many truths about this worlds inner workings that NO ONE wants us to know about. Aliens, free energy and will discuss how we can remodel our world and bring down the Illuminati if you will...there's is so much that goes into it though so I will render the description I just gave as minimal at most.The whole human race is enslaved under corrupt order. This is serious shit. This is a matter that is of grave importance to me. Please watch the video and comment/ spread the video to any and everyone you know. If you are going to say something negative, please, you really don't need to say anything at all, I won't find it matter how high I am. That being said, here is the video. The co creators father was shot shot yesterday among 5 other victims. It was not a coincidence. The people making the film, one of them being Amardeep Kaleka, whose father as I just mentioned was killed in a Wisconsin shooting had been receiving threats to stop filming at once, or else consequences would occur. The death of this mans father was one of the consequences. It's disgusting.

    [ame=]Dr.Steven Greer Sirius Documentary (Trailer) - New Movie Coming Soon ! 2012 - YouTube[/ame]

    And here is a man responding to the fact that Amardeep Kaleka's father had been killed. He spells it out very well.

    [ame=]Sirius (Dr Steven Greer) Film-maker's Father SHOT in Sikh Temple Massacre. - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Wow, no way that is a coincidence...

    They have definitely been suppressing free energy for a while, this looks like it will be pretty good. :smoke:
  3. SaucerDOTAL!???
  4. ...This cant be real?
    ....can it?

  5. No.

    Do you know how many "disclosure" documentaries have come out in the past 6 years or so? Or how many nutjobs have prophesied that disclosure was and is "just around the corner," or even on a specific date (which has passed?).

    Just like the rest of the conspiracy community, they never give up. They give false prophecy after false prophecy and people fall for it each time.

    This documentary will be just like all the others.
  6. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

    This film wont prove a damn thing, its just a way for the film makers to make money.

    Dont believe anything without doing your own research, and check multiple sources, because alot of them will be biased one way or another.
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    Hopefully, because that shooting is quite a coincidence...There is a discrepancy between what the media said and what a "witness" reported. He might have gotten his info wrong though. :confused:
    [ame=]TEMPLE SHOOTING _"4 SHOOTERS" _Milwaukee - YouTube[/ame]
    But all those other documentaries were not funded by kickstarter, from what I've seen, people typically donate funds to reputable projects. It was fully funded for 50,000 $. Actually OVER funded by $7,000. lol People who funded will be pissed as fuck if it ends up being BS. If it even gets released at all for that matter. IDK...
  8. Ha! So you know it all buddy, right? Then tell me this. Why was the film directors dad killed in another "terrorist" shooting?

    So that's why the shooting happened, of course! :rolleyes:
    Just by reading the top comments I already know their target audience.
  9. Coincidences do happen, and the murder of the film director's father while at the Sikh temple shooting, is an example of one. Amardeep Kaleka, who has spoken to the press since his father was killed, has said that we need to understand different cultures. He said nothing about the killing spree having anything to do with his work on the film.

    Amardeep Kaleka, Sikh Temple Shooting Victim's Son, Learned Of Killing In Call
  10. Oh god...not this again...
  11. alot of Dr. Greer's videos are pretty interesting.

    [ame=]Dr. Steven Greer : Contact, Disclosure and Free Energy - (Part 1) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Dr. Steven Greer : Contact, Disclosure and Free Energy - (Part 2) - YouTube[/ame]

    of course most of you lazy fucks won't watch it but whatever
  12. Op it seems more like you're trying to promote the movie more than actually discussing the content of the movie.
  13. A movie like this would only be an $11 false flag by the Illuminati and the Naboo. They would never let out all the real secret information.
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    Contact with aliens is unlikely anytime soon.

    [ame=]First Contact: Carl Sagan on making contact with extraterrestrials [Carl Sagan Tribute Series] - YouTube[/ame]
  15. [quote name='"wowgabewow"']

    I watched all of Part 1, crazy shit man. He's either really smart and getting breakthroughs, or just bat shit crazy, LOL.
    I'll watch the last hour tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. Thanks :D[/quote]

    Yeah no problem. Part 2 has actual video and photos of his group contact and some of that shit is just crazy
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    If their lives are in danger, why are they waiting to release the video? Money, perhaps?

    Should the public even have the ability to "contact people from other worlds?" I mean could you imagine how many prank phone calls Uranus would get?

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