Sippin on that 211, Gettin it done, Mutha Fucka...

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  1. Aight man. :Shakes Hand:


    I jus get offended when i hear that. Because like 98% of the time i hear how im fake. Fuck that shit. I offer directions to where i live, I offer them to come here. No gurantte they'll leave but i offer they come here. But they never do. But yeah, Im fake.
  2. i hang out with all kinds of black, mexican, el salvadorian, puerto ricans, chill white dudes, shit like that. but i dont dress "urban" or shit because i feel weird wearin that shit. i been listenin to rap and growin up with people like that all my life, they know who i am, they accept me for that and don't care that i walk around in birkenstocks and t-shirts, thats me.
  3. Well, Like me, Ive never wore sandals or nutting. Ive never wore something with a turtle neck or smoe of them preppy shirts with collars. I dont wear that shit. I wear hoodys, I wear southpole black tee's with white tee's underneath. Or jus the plain white tee. I wear the black pants. I wear the blue/black/grey detroit hat banged to the right. I wear the tan timbo's. I wear the silver chain and braclet. I wear the wife beaters.

    Thats comfterable to me. I like big baggy clothes.

    Most comfterable to me is my southpole sweats, Things are like $60 but super nice. Thick, Durable, 4 pockets, Comfterable. Then either jus a wifebeater, Or a wife beater with a white tee.
  4. i like those kind of clothes too, i got hats and shit, i just feel weird wearin them actin like i come from a rough town. my familys history hasnt been easy but that doesnt mean i'm "hood", a lot of the kids i chill with (especially some of the white kids) arent hood either but they wear that stuff. i dont even know where to buy that kinda shit though. and i have jewlery but i dont wear it often, haha. and birks aren't all i wear, i have The Game's Hurricanes and some really sick ass green shoes (they were real nice and white til my friends and i had to walk through a dirt field, i gotta go clean the fuckers now).
  5. shit my friends are black im reppin with you homie fuck that ***** this ***** my ***** KSR i got chough sooo fucked up of so many things i forget
  6. bubbles arent you white?
  7. Not right now hes not. Bubbles isn't even bubbles at the moment.
  8. yeah im white but 90% of my friends arre bllack and no bubbles isint ALL here as of right now
  9. Man I bet you are fucked up. You look exactly like a dude I hang out with and he dresses just like you too, thats funny haha. +rep for postin ur pics. I am drinking a 12 pack of Corona and just smoked 2 joints and I am about to smoke 2 more.

    Keep smokin
  10. yo i used to love 211 back in the day that was that shit knowone but me would drink all my friends have different drinks its like a personality, i drink 211's and old e 800, which means i'm down for getting tore up to the floor up, my friends drink budwieser cause they think its classy, my other buddy drinks bull ice, like us he likes to get down, but yeah i thought KSR was black but yeah know its awesome that hes a white dude cause that proves me wrong and any stereotype that labels people,,

    ask me if im black
  11. are you black?
  12. what do you think
  13. if i thought i wouldnt've asked, i would have crept silently in the shadows, watching and waiting until you proved me right or wrong.

    dude no offense but i thouht you were stanley tookie fucking williams by the way you were talking.

    no offense...
  15. yo thats creepy as fuck im high and now im not gonna sleep tonight
  16. yeah im white who's stanley tookie williams
  17. haha yeah i was goin for "creepy" ;) but he wasn't talking to you about stanley whatever, he was talking to KSR, which brings me to my next quote.

    How is that a "no offense"? That whole post was totally disrespectful, and you're just gonna finish it with a no offense after he told ya how shitty and pissed off it makes him feel when people make that assumption? Damn man, you got some nerve. -rep
  18. I about to get fucked up. rollin on some x.

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  19. lmao, your look fuuuuuuucked up man.

    black, white, brown, whatever, skin color dont mean shit.

  20. Noone much...just the founder of the CRIPS

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