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  1. Add some worms to your pot instead.
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  2. Could do that too. This is just me asking what can be done with an SIP. Before I spend the $33 to make one.

    And before anyone suggests I go to a dollar store. Ours don't stock any of the stuff I'd need. Otherwise I'd go there instead.

    This is the cheapest option over found so far.
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    Wanted to get in of this. I set it up last night. Thoughts, suggestions, trolls welcome.

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  4. In fact it is. Especially once you get your available nutes on point. After 2nd cycle there are still enough available notes to just cut the stem at ground level. Chop the roots up with a shovel. Throw another bean in there. Some people like at add a little EWC or super compost to replace humid acid factories and kelp meal and just top dress once. Then it won't have to cook again. The decomposing root system from the old plant provides aeration and nutrients ovbiously

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  5. What is the smallest pot you recommend for worms. Would 7g be sufficient sir.

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  6. I've got about 3x the soil than I need. I could just cycle it through. It'll be thoroughly cooked by the time I'll need it next. It's been sitting for several months already. And now there's worms living in it.
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  7. That works too. It would avoid even doing top dress. Cycle the soil in a separate of course. Works better for SIP as having to surface water socks. My chamber is tight and I don't like moving my flowers around because I don't want to damage trichomes.
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  8. Worms can go in any container size really. I even throw a couple into my smaller nursery pots.
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  9. I have a fabric pot that is used to the point of ripping at the seems, I figure I could use it after cutting it down the seem as a capillary mat. Could that work for Capillary Mat purposes?
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  10. You can top water in a sip/swick just be sure not to overwater and cause too much runoff into the res.
    I usually let the res dry up a bit before I spray my teas to keep from overwatering and my teas are less diluted. You just gotta get a feel for how much you can topwater a saturated container.

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  11. See I'm still new to this whole growing scene. I'm only on my second run. The first run was with a rushed supersoil. And this time it was thoroughly cooked.

    I'm looking at different methods of growing. Typically as close to soil based organics as I can get.

    I've been thinking of trying no till. Along with the SIP. However, this soil seems to be going well. Better than last time. Where I had issues with pH. No such issue this time round.

    I usually water with bokashi and or worm bin runoff. At about 1 part juice. To 5 parts rain water.
  12. Sorry, forgot to answer this.

    I fill the space above the fabric with soil, then I put up screens to help manage the canopies and reduce energy spent on unnecessary growth.

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