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sinus' clogged

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stickey gooey, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. every time i smoke no matter what i smoke out of my nose get clogged, like dried up and juts shuts and i sound all nasal and stuff. ive tried ocean and a diff sinus spary and they dont work. does this happen 2 u and what do u do about it?
  2. Sometimes not often, snort some water. :)
  3. my nose doesn't get clogged up, but a lot of the time it fucks with my sinuses, i'll keep hacking up clear mucus and have to keep clearing my throat, its quite annoying, haven't found anything that helps, i just live with it
  4. I have no solution but the same thing happens to me my nose gets all clogged up and dry.
  5. i posted this in the thread about the eyes, but it applies here as well. Vicks vaporub inhalers. they are god's gift to the nasaly.
  6. This used to happen to me every single time. I haven't realized that it stopped until I read this post and got me thinking. I guess it's just something you overcome by tollerance.
  7. tylenol cold head congestion severe. this stuff really works get the non-drowsy though otherwise your gonna fall asleep. I use it sometimes before i smoke and it helps me sinuses and my breathing.
  8. smoking clears my sinuses haha
  9. give yourself an orgasm that should clear things up. if that doest work you could easily rip off your face.
  10. i'm allergic to cats. when i used to live with em, "Afrin" was my best friend.

    buy some from a health food store.

    fill up a small tub with boiling water and drop a few good drops of the oil in it and mix.

    put a towel over your head and the tub and inhale the fumes.
  12. ok well afrin is out of the Q cuz ur only supposed to use tht for no more then 3 days in a row every couple weeks and i toke everyday.
    the tylenol is the same situation, ur only supposed to take it wen u need it(as in not only cuz u smoke weed lol)
    ill try the vicks vaporrub ive heard good things about it but never tried it.
    and i smoke everyday so i dont think itsd a tolerance issure considering tht this has been happening for a couple months to me.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA dude you HAVE to be the only other person who has said this, my friends think im crazy when i fill the sink up, dip my face in and give a quick snort and cough. make it feels so much better

    you could also chug some texas pete?
  14. This.

    I think I have grass (heh) allergies, but I still like to toke. A Vicks inhaler or some Sudafed (if it's bad) and I'm good to go...
  15. fill a tea pot for warm water and a tsp of epson salt..

    stick it up your nose and then blow when you feel full

    seriously..this was on Oprah not long ago..if some of yalls don't believe in homeopathics, there is the reassurance

    google netti pot or nasal irrigation
  16. im guessing karma fucked me again. ive been sick for 2 days, and my nose is clogged tighter than a teenager.
  17. I have a really bad sinus infection, and smoking weed seems to make it better, and help clear my sinuses.

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