Sinus and Teeth Problems. I'm stuck.

Discussion in 'General' started by sn0zzberries, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    The last year I've been dealing with massive sinus pressure and teeth shifting after smoking. It's definitely not "all in my head" as my teeth has noticeably moved and started overlapping each other :(

    It feels as if my sinus is full of air, my left jaw starts cracking then a large amount of pressure focuses on my two front teeth. The sensation is at its worst after I smoke, then eases a few days after. My tools are either a large silicone piece or a vaporiser.

    I was at year 2 of my habit, smoking almost everyday, when the pressure hit me. I've taken a 7 month break only to smoke again last weekend. Same sensation. I visited my ENT and he couldn't detect any signs of sinitus or blockages. Dentist told me teeth grinding and gave me a mouth guard lol.

    Right now I'm quitting for good. My pissy body can't handle the herb apparently. Before I go, I wanted to find out if anyone experienced anything like this before? It sucks.
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  2. Have your wisdom teeth removed. Mine went away after i had them pulled.
  3. All four of them already removed before all this happened. You had similar symptoms then?
  4. Yes. Id pinch my nose and blow a few times. Other times i would just take benadryl or any kind of allergy medicine and wait.

    It would randomly start being this dull pain. It would be like the right or left top half of my teeth. Sometimes it would covet half of my face, pain all in my eye or back of my skull.

    Once i had my wisdom teeth pulled, i never had a problem since.

    Your top rows corners are somehow interconnected with your sinuses.
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  5. Good to know about wisdom teeth. I have similar problems with my sinuses and cannabis. It does not in any way help them. Just allows me to ignore it.

    I didn't notice this problem at all with edibles so it may have something to do with smoking/vaping in general because I get "pops" when just vaping nicotine while on a tbreak and sinus symptoms but to a MUCH lesser extent.

    Also is tied to how high I get oddly, although that could just be paranoia due to overfocusing on it because I'm incredibly high. Who knows.
  6. If anything, the symptoms all started after my wisdom teeth were extracted.

    It feels like the issue is my sinus and the teeth pressure is a result of that. I'll be getting scans in the next two days and I'll keep this thread updated.
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  7. I've not tried edibles because I'm terrified it'll have the worst after-effects. The higher I get, the worse I feel.

    I tried pulling from my bong without any product and it didn't do anything. So I know it's not the pressure of pulling for too long. Maybe I'll try a cigarette and see if its the smoke?
  8. Unless you already smoke I wouldn't recommend hitting a cigarette. Maybe go to a hookah bar. Or get an ECig to draw off of.

    It's not the pulls themselves...When I hit a vape I can barely draw on it and still have issues. Since it can go out through your nose and the nose is connected to the sinus cavity I can see how this makes an issue. Have been wondering about it a lot lately as that's a partial reason why I haven't been smoking.

    Edibles are processed by the liver and don't have anything to do with the sinuses...don't think you'll have perma damage from one edible so it's worth a try. I just didn't notice it with edibles. Smoking it is related to how high I get and that might have something to do with bloodflow (opened blood vessels and what not as an effect of THC) and this might somehow be putting strain on something more delicate.

    I mean I "thought" that it was just when I was high that my nose started running (has been doing that since I started smoking) and that the more serious sinus problems were from the high itself also, but idk for sure now.

    Makes sense to bypass the sinus altogether and try getting high another way to be sure...just start with a LOW dose.
  9. just brush your teeth loser damn
  10. I'm having the same issue after I smoke for months now after having a tooth extracted. I assumed it was from not healing probably but my dentist did and X-ray she said the bone healed perfectly and it was in my head too. But I explained it happens after I toke and which causes a painful toothache feeling with a congested nose that gets really hot and it feels like that extracted site is open every time I inhale and exhale. So the dentist suggested I had a sinus infection. Never had one before but I worked at a fabric store daily that had no ventilation and dust and chemical irritants on the fabric. After my extraction I never felt comfortable to blow my nose so assume bacteria kept growing. It's been about 7 months now since the extraction and I'm not feeling better. I've been on antibiotics for 5 days and the inflammation keeps happening(all I could afford). I'll stop smoking for a few weeks n start again and the pain still occurs. No money to see a doc just yet. You think if I was on antibiotics for a few weeks it may kill the infection and inflammation in my nose? I also do nasal rinses at least once a day.

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