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  1. How do I get my plants to have no seeds, or what we call it Hydro?
  2. No seeds: Grow only females or sacrifice the male plants before they can spread their pollen to the girls.

    Hydro: grow your plants in a water-based solution with no soil. Buble bucket method is a good choice for a personal grower.
  3. Poppa Puff, When will I know they are male or female? And also do I just throw away the males? Why not smoke the males too?
    What is the purpose of throwing away the big fan leaves are they not smokable?

  4. You get my 1800th post!!

    A couple of weeks into flowering (i.e. after the lights have been cut back to 12/12) the flowers start to appear. The male flowers look like little small grape clusters, the females look like two small thin white hairs. There are pics all over this forum or you can go to or the vaults of erowid for pics.

    Cut the males down, they have little to no THC in them. You can smoke them but with no buzz just a green taste in your mouth.

    The big fan leaves sometimes are sokable if they have white crystals on them or are heavy with resin, it just depends on the starin. Most of the time the big fans won't be worth the effort to smoke.

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