Sinkers or Floaters

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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I'm in the process of pre-soaking my seeds before sticking them in soil and was
    wondering if viable should sink or float? BTW the strains are Green House's "El Nino", Barney's Farm's "Blue Cheese", and Dutch Passion's "Blueberry". Thanks and happy growing. JBC :smoking:
  2. idk bro, but i've always heard that your supposed to wrap them in a wet paper towel and put it in a bag or tuberware container cause soaking them by dropping them in some water wasn;t good for them. but if it works for you dude then go for it. i would think that it probably varries from strain to strain if they sink or float. do you have one strain that most of the seeds are floaters and one with mostly sinkers?
  3. when i was germanating seeds in water they always floted at first then eventully they sank
  4. nah dude it doesnt matter which strain of seed will float or not. if a seed floats after 24 hours, then the seed is not going to grow. if it does, it will. strain does not matter! its weed, so all weed seeds should do the same
  5. At first the El Nino beans were the only floaters out of the bunch but after a while they sank too. I'm therefore assuming that they're supposed to sink. (hopefully):)
  6. I have seen turds that float and turds that sink. Never have I seen a turd that didn't stink ~ shakespear
  7. Thats how i always crack my beans no worries never has failed me. good luck on the grow""' BTW sinkers are the keepers:smoking:
  8. Thanks for the encouraging word, resingland. Everyone of the beans is above the soil
    today. 100 % success rate so far (hope I don't jinx it). JBC :smoke:
  9. Nice to hear that man! Hope the grow yields well for you.
  10. Grats man!

    The whole germination process is to get water into your seed that the plant uses to start growing. That's why the sinkers are keepers.
  11. Thanks for the kind encouragment akhans. All babies are doing great.
    Here's a quick shot of my first indoor harvest- Organic indoor Blue Dream, 400 watt hps.
    Hope ya like it. Peace. -JBC

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