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  1. Does anyone have any experience growing sinicuichi?
  2. HIGH All, no never heard of it till now..mmmmmmm na I'll stick to our fav plant.
  3. Sinicuichi is plant that is an ethonobotanical that has been used by shaman for ages now.

    Sinicuichi is supposed give the ability to recall past events with great clarity (even pre-natal events) and has the unusual characteristic of being an auditory hallucinogen.

    Sinicuichi has been tested and proven to have euphoric, relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties, and also the following effects:

    *general relaxation

    *improvement of memory performance

    *pleasant drowsiness

    *skeletal muscle relaxation

    *slight reduction of blood pressure

    *cooling of body

    *mild intoxication and giddiness

    *darkening of vision

    *auditory hallucinations

    *a shrinking of the surrounding world

    *altered time/space perception

    There seem to be no side effects from using it either.
  4. Never heard of it myself, but it sounds pretty damn cool! :)
  5. Sinicuichi is so cheap, why would you need to grow it?

    If I were going to grow anything it'd either be kanna or the san pedro catcus.
  6. "Sinicuichi is so cheap, why would you need to grow it?

    If I were going to grow anything it'd either be kanna or the san pedro catcus."

    Sinicuichi may be fairly cheap (i think it averages 4 to 6 dollars an ounce if I remember correctly) but can you for sure say what goes into,what its been exposed to and how long it has been stored and under what conditions?I prefer to grow plants and ingest them as freshly as possible.If I grow them I know for sure its organic and I can make sure its at its optimum potency.

    I grow a variety of things which include san pedro and kanna and also a variety of other plants.I am shaman and regularly use various plants.It's safer and much more convenient to grow than to contuinously order various plants and herbs at 4 to 6 dollars an ounce or more depending on the plant plus priority shipping often.It also costs less for me to grow all the plants that I do and since I already grow a variety of other plants its not much more work or cost to put more plants under the lights or in my yard.

  7. A shaman huh?

    For me, it's easier to order a few ounces from a website than it would be to find room to grow more plants.

    But I agree with you on the freshness thing. Although sinicuichi probably won't make it's way into my garden as I found it to be pretty mild, the commercial stuff anyway.

    Is kanna fairly easy to grow? I've wanted to plant some for a while now, but can't find much information on growing it.
  8. Kanna is fairly easy to grow.

    Info on how to grow can be found here:

    Some mild plants are needed sometimes.If you're trying to focus intently on a specific task it's hard to keep focus if you're baked out of your skull or your head is clouded.Some milder plants allow deeper focus without clouding the head or making it difficult to perform various tasks.

    And then there are other times when you need to in a whole other world. lol

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