Singular 300watt CFL bulbs

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  1. After looking around for a long time i have decided to go with CFL's, this is for a few reasons including heat and cost, also it will be my first grow so i wanted to try them out before maybe upgrading to HPS in the future. Has anyone used a 300watt CFL bulb before? I dont mean equivalent but an actual 300watt bulb, i have bought one and its about the size of a 3L bottle. I was wondering if anyone had and if so if they could describe how their growing experience was with them?
  2. image.jpg Heres a photo of the bulb so you get an idea of what im talking about.
  3. I was planning on growing 1 larger plant or maybe 2 autoflowers. Im using a 2-2 tent.
  4. Yup. Every grow with the 300w dual-spectrum and reflector. Perfect for one plant at a time only though.

    DR60 tent. Perfect for cheapness, safety and heat issues. As in, no heat issues at all. This bad-boy can be used as soon as the seedling can stand up on her own. 3 cm away.
    You can maybe see it in the background?

  5. I may also add, that you can have issues if it`s too cold where you are, so a heater could be useful in the room the tent is in.
    If it`s warm where you are, air movement will keep temps down.

    Easiest set-up you could ever choose. And at 2 Pence, or 3 Cents per hour, you don`t have to worry about usage spikes.

    People dismiss these, but I can always get great hauls from one lady with these. Trust me on that.

    How you feed/water is up to you.

    Oh, and that pic. is not even the main kola. You get the idea.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, exactly what i wanted to hear. Any chance you could let me know the strain, growing time and dry yield. Plants look amazing by the way.
  7. It`s actually just one plant in the pic, feminised regular, from a seed-bank I use. Grow time from seed to harvest at around 16-18 weeks, but it doesn`t have to be that long depending on how you grow her.
    I`m guessing you are UK based, going by your pic.
    So unless you can tell me how you plan to grow, and in what way, I can`t really judge right now.
    Yeild is (for me) at around 4-5 Oz dry. (although, I kinda fucked up my last grow, and will explain why later)
    I could do better, but as it is only for personal use, there are higher-yeilders out there if you want more.

    That bulb can only deal with one plant at a time fully, so aim low to begin with, until you get a few grows under your belt.
    It is definitely the dual spectrum you have right? If so, you only have to switch feed, when you move into flower.
    Give me more detail on how you plan to go, and with what set-up you plan, and I can update you with further advice.

    Sorry I can`t offer more at this time, as I fucked up and abused the GC rules a few days ago, and am paying the price for being a dick. Rightfully so.

    Will offer more info as things get easier. For the moment, you have to tell me EXACTLY what you have planned, and I will help however I can, and do calculations/expectations for you, given your plan.

    Peace out..... I`ll still be here.
  8. To be honest im still planning my grow so theres no definitive plan as such yet. It is a dual spectrum bulb, was wondering if it would be worth switching to 2700k one during flowering or if the dual spectrum will be enough. Id really like to aim for a harvest within 12 weeks and a dry yield of around 4 ounce would be perfect since its for personal use. I still need to purchase a fan and carbon filter system and i also havent selected a brand of nutrients to buy yet. Im growing in a converted attic room temps vary from 60 to 70. Would be welcome to any advice as im still trying to come up with the best setup with the light and tent that i have. Will keep you updated as i move things along.
  9. I have a spare 100 watt ceramic bulb and thermostat that used to be used to heat a reptile vivarium and was planning on controlling the tent temps with that.
  10. K, so an attic conversion? As in a temp. controlled room?
    My advice would be a Ruck fan and a Rhino filter 5"
    The dual will be enough for one lady, some LST will be handy to control height (If in doubt on LST, search this site)
    Nutrients: Old Timers Grow, and Old Timers Bloom are well proven, and I would recommend Bio-Bizz Allmix soil, (if it is soil you plan on using) but you are gonna need some Epsom Salts also, as she is gonna ask for Mg at the end of veg. or beginning of flower. There are other "Tonics" you can get for varying defficiencies if required. We can come to that in time.

    I fucked my last grow due to high RH, (Winter grows are not so easy, and I got bud rot at the end) so get a good digital meter for that and temps combined, (bout £7), and check day and night temps. Get an average, and get back on the numbers you find.

    60x jewellers loupe, bout £6-7. Gotta keep an eye on them trichcomes...

    If soil, a plastic pot with run-off tray, (15-20 litres-ish) and drill lots of holes for drainage.

    Clip on fan, and an oscillating one, and you will be just about good to go. The beauty of this is that your initial outlay will be kinda pricey, and during the learning curve, you still get good weed.
    Second grow will simply cost you one magic bean and some soil. Now that`s when you start to smoke for free.

    Which tent do you have?

    If in any doubt about buying these things online, get them sent to someone you can trust and pick them up later. No trace to you. (I use my mother`s address and she is ok with it as it means I don`t have to go to dealers, and she knows I don`t sell/give away. She is happy with that.)

    Finally, you will need a multi-adaptor as the socket needs soon mount up. Make sure you buy a surge-protected multi, as this leaves no worries when out and about with full system running. It will simply cut out any faults.

    Don`t be daunted by any of this. It`s a weed. They grow through cracks in the pavement FFS!

    Good luck with your choices, and don`t be shy.

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