Single stoner girls, you out there?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by downtosesh, May 15, 2011.

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    If you weren't in another country I'd have already asked if you wanted to smoke! :)
  2. Haha, dangit! I need a smoking buddy too. :(
  3. Finding down chicks in Oklahoma can be a hassle.

    It's a full-time job lookin' out for yall.
  4. Technically, I'm both single and not. I'm with someone, but at the same time we are not official.
  5. *sigh*...hi there...
  6. All the single ladies, all the single ladiesss...

  7. haha I'd be your smoking buddy:smoke:, Toronto is a bit too far just for a sesh though lol.
  8. I know eh? Geese, why couldn't you live closer? Hahaha.
  9. right here, sadly :(
  10. Just saying Hi ladies. <3
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    Now put your hands up!
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    I don't get it. The OP is a chick asking about single stoner girls? Is this about some kinda single stoner gal female-solidarity thing or what? Only read up to somewhere on page 3 though so maybe everything becomes clear by page 7....

    I saw someone posting that once he chilled with a stoner chick and spent days watching movies, getting stoned and playing xbox360 with her. Is that what it's like to chill with a stoner chick? The chatting sounds fun (although someone said he tuned her out for some reason) since that's why I usually love hanging out with girls although none of them are stoners :(

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