Single stoner girls, you out there?

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  1. im pretty sure im like everything in europe but italian, (which coincidentally my stepdad is 100%) but theres no way to prove it lol
    id say the german comes through the most for me though :devious:
  2. Haha, that's sweet! I love Western Europe though, such great culture. But, I guess everywhere in the world probably has a sick culture. I would say I got the Sicilian colouring, but as far as features go I'm caucasian. It's weird.

    Kind of high, don't blame me if I sound ridiculous.
  3. like i said, i most look german, but my last name suggests im jewish LOL irony (though im not jewish)
    i dont like florida's culture, just saying.
    im sober, i might sound silly.

  4. London haha, I went to school near toronto though.

    enjoying all the rain or what?
  5. Anyone here from Winnipeg, canada?
  6. I once found a stoner girl through craigs list.

    I just posted in the looking for friends /women category iso stoner girl.

    She was cool. We watched movies, smoked and played xbox for days. And I would pretend to lister to her yammer on but she was too stoned to noticed I wasnt really listening.
  7. If your not only a single stoner girl, but sexy, hmu
  8. Wow i actually live fairly close to you.

    What town are you in? I hail from Aurora, which if you don't know is about an hour north of the city.

  9. :wave:

    I know where Aurora is haha, I actually went to college right near there, you could now probably figure out what school I went to haha.

    And no, I am not a single stoner girl :p:laughing:
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    I want to visit Canada .... seriously.
  11. Oh nice!
    Bleeeegh, it's depressing me. Today has been so nice though!

  12. Haha, yes I know where Aurora is. :p
    I live in Whitby.. It's near Oshawa/Ajax.
  13. i want canada's bud prices

  14. Hey i live in whitby too right near garden and brock street
  15. Haha, sick. Brock and Taunton over huuurrr.
  16. Single not lovin it though it's boring af
    Ahaha thee way this thread started seemed like a pedo lure lol just drawing all thee single ladies in for thee most massive rape sesh ever
  17. LOL, omg.
  18. I have yet to meet one and it's not surprising.
  19. No stoner chicks in Maine. Fuck.

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  20. I hear ya dude.

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