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Single Serving Canna Oil- help please!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jamiequadra, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,

    So tried this use 3.5 grams low-mid with 2 tbs coconut oil and lechitin. chose not to strain just so I wouldn't miss a drop. When it came out of the over it looked like green plant goo, and when it cooled it was mostly oily plant pulp, not a suspension.

    Did I not use enough oil? I don't think this looks right...
  2. Did you powder the weed first? Since you plan on taking 3.5g as a single serving how are you going to serve it?
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  3. Hi jamie, welcome to GC!

    Got any pics? I''m not familiar with coconut oil (I use grapeseed or olive oil), but I think you probably didn't use enough oil. Also, it's really not necessary to to leave the plant material in. THC is oil based and infuses the canna oil, while the plant matter actually loses (most of) the THC, so it's not really useful to keep the plant matter in. Also, THC which has been made into edibles is five times stronger than smoked weed, so you don't need to worry about getting every little last drop... the thing about canna oil is it'll kick your ass pretty well all on its own. :)
  4. The herb should have been ground to as near flour grade as possible when leaving the cannabis in the oil.
    At low oil to herb ratios it will have a sludge like texture and the plant bits will want to settle out at the bottom. Since Coconut oil turn solid at 76 degrees it can become a block at temps under that.

    I use a stainless steel dish and a coffee mug heater to keep the stuff hot while I capsulize it. I have to stir between each cap to keep the bits in suspension. I work with both Kief-hash and powdered bud and the process is the same for both.
    Start small. even low grade weed can hammer you senseless as an edible if your not experienced with them. 3.5 grams is a MASSIVE dose and while it won't kill you your gonna wish you could just die.

    Even low grade popcorn buds are around 10% THC.
    3.5 grams = 350mg of THC.
    Done with a proper decarb using coconut oil and lecithin even I won't take more then about 500mg at once and even that can take me by surprise and kick my ass. I take this stuff every day and have a very high tolerance.

    For a new user that is a HUGE dose and likely to be very uncomfortable for 12 hours. Spins, vomiting, sensory overload on all 5 senses is more then possible.
    Start with 10mg. Wait 2 hours. If not high take 20 more. Wait 2 more hours. If not high take 40 more. Wait 3 hours. By now you should be on hands and knees crying for your momma your so hammered.

    Smoked, Vaped, Oral absorbed Tincture all act as Delta-9-THC
    Eaten passes through your Liver where it changes to 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    11-Hydroxy-THC is 5 times stronger and 10 times longer lasting this is what makes edibles so efficient and to be snuck up on as once you eat the herb your in for the ride. Can't get off the roller coaster. All you can do is hang on.

    This is why we repeatedly advise new uses to go slow. Learn your needs as to much is just plain misery. Even us old experienced hands at edibles learned some hard lessons when we started out using edibles in place of smoking-vaping.
    Made with hash I start new users off with 1 or 2 drops per capsule.
    With Powdered Bud 1/4 filled caps. For some low dose users even this will be to much.
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  5. ^---- Please listen to @BrassNwood he knows what he's talking about. Eating 3.5g in one serving is an insane overdose for most people. I use 3.5g for an entire tray of brownies!!!
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  6. My neighbor kept bugging me about my hash capsules and claimed he had never gotten high from any edible in his life.
    Gave him a handful of caps with all the usual precautions on use. Damn fool gobbled all 10 at once.
    He didn't come down for about 36 hours and was wasted still for another 48. Won't touch them now and says it was the wildest ride of his life.
    Good edibles have to be respected as they are nothing to be taken lightly. With my very short cook time this is NOT go to sleep on stuff. Your in for a wide awake, grip the chair, and hold the hell on for the ride.
    @ 83ishmg per cap we figure he took around 800mg of very bioavailable oil.
    Just proves even in super high doses it's not harmful but man what A ride.

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  7. Thanks all! I did not have sucess making single serving oil. I moved on to making oil in the Magical Butter machine, but I'm not sure I did that correctly either

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