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  1. where is good place to buy single seed usa only if i can
  2. What strain ?

    I found different banks sometimes do different strains
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    single seed center
    Marijuana Seeds from The Single Seed Centre

    ive never bought from them but have seen lots here that have. i use the vault i think smallest they sell is 3 packs. just noticed you said usa only im still trying to wake up lol yea i have no idea about a us company that will sell a single bean. just order a 3 pack or something you will prolly get a free seed or 2 then you will be set for a few grows,
  4. Do people actually buy one seed?
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  5. Ok the single seed center is a good place to buy seeds. They have a good variety but just don't order any heavyweight seeds they are shit. 4 seeds none have gotten over 12" tall and none produce more than a few grams. Get dutch passion seed they always grow good buds imho. Got 2 oz off each auto with those. But good price and 100% delivery gurantee also. And can order as little or as much as you want

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  6. usa seeds banks /.?

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