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  1. My first time ordering genetics. I live in the US so of course I'm a little worried about the whole process. I've been trolling on the Single Seed Centre website, I'm thinking of just ordering 5-6 different femenized beans and then a pack of 10 femmed auto 44's for fun. I'm just asking if anyone has ever ordered from here and what the process was like, before I go through with it. Any advice from guys in the US that have ordered before would also be appreciated, I'm just a little iffy about everything. Thanks guys :smoking:
  2. do a search...there have been like 4 post just like your in the last few days
  3. I've searched and read just about everything at this point my man, was just hoping maybe a few that have bought within the past few weeks would have something too say, it seems like a lot of people have been getting ripped off lately and I'm just trying to avoid that.

  4. there is alot of post reguarding single seed centre good post at that...i did a few myself... anyways i ordered from them my first time on 4-28-10.. recieved my seeds 5-10-10.. i ordered 6 seeds i germinated 4 and all 4 popped and i planted all 4 and all 4 sprouted.. out of my 6 seeds 1 was crushed.. i emailed them and they reshipped the crack seed.. i paid using pre pay visa card,...

    EDIT.. I paid 20.00 for shipping registered no signature

  5. Thanks for that. I'll be sure and do the same with the shipping, and I also plan to use a prepaid card to avoid any chance at getting tracked/scammed.
  6. Ive been thinking about placing an order from them too, let us know how it goes if you order or did order. I worry about ordering big time, I bet everyone is the first time till they get there.
  7. I'm not so worried anymore, if customs does take my seeds, the single seed centre will send them again because of guaranteed shipping. So it will be hard for me to lose my money. I'm using a pre-paid Visa card and going to a coffee shop downtown to use their comp :)

    My idea is to get 10 lowryder seeds (Diesel, AK-47, Blueberry) and then order about 5 seeds of other strains (Durban Poison,Power Plant). I'm growing outdoors in the appalachians, so all my backyard needs is some good genetics, I just get to sit back and get fried :smoking:
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    I just placed an order. I hope it gets through without any issues. I did not pay for guarenteed delivery. I think it's a cool list and will bump my collection up to 17 strains.

    5x De Sjamaan - Widow Skunk - Regular for £1.44 each
    5x DNA Genetics - Pure Afghan - Regular for £2.75 each
    5x Seedsman - Hash Passion - Regular for £1.96 each
    5x Mandala - Hashberry - Regular for £2.46 each

    I was jonesing to buy seeds for several weeks. Now what?
  9. @Drivenone I got my order today, and ordered on the 5/13 depending on where youre at it will get there, didn't pay for the expensive shipping either
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    That's great news! In the midwest.

    From what I've been reading I bought 1 landrace, (Pure Afghan), a bag seed from 80's Haight-Ashbury district in Ca., (Hashberry) a lebonese/thai hybrid, (Hash Passion) and a Skunk x White Widow, (Widow Skunk). All have short flowering period of 7-8 weeks and stay short to medium in height.

    9-15 bucks a seed is just too much at the moment, but I'm sure I'll be pleased as long as I get a male and female from each strain. I guess I could have ordered 3 of each and picked out another strain, but 5 should get me a female. That's like 4-6 seeds total or 1-2 strains.

    Will update the day they arrive. Ordering was easy enough.
  11. I think I misposted, but I get sonflicting information.

    One site says that "Hash Passion" is a Lebanese/Thia x NL #1 Hybrid and the another source says it's a landrace from Morraco.

    So it looks like I odered 2 Landrace, 1 80's bag seed and a White Widow x Sweet Skunk cross.

    I forgot to add that not only are the flowering times similar, they all are said to have copious amounts of resin.

    Which information should a trust? The breeder, or a combination of all the info I research when I buy seeds?

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