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single seed centre: review

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by fullsun, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. i ordered 7 packs of seeds from single seed centre, based in amsterdam. all arrived. it took 5 weeks or so. 2 packs from THSeeds did not pop at all. All the rest had 90-100% germination rate. I tried to get a refund or replacement. They would not take any responsibility.
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    Sounds like your problem is that THseeds sucks. But single seed centre got you what you ordered right?

    Also, I believe that TSSC is based in the UK.
  3. way to share that tip with everyone..pretty soon it won't work anymore because everyone will complain their souvenirs were crushed...

    however that is the correct approach and only way to get anything from a seedbank...other wise you are either out of luck or need to go to the breeder which is slim to none chance of getting anything back.
  4. Sheez, What do you all work for Single Seed Centre or what? I mean you pay $10/seed and they are bad seeds. And the company doesn't take responsibility. In any industry that is clearly irresponsible.
  5. We don't work for em. We just understand that seeds are just that, seeds. Does any store do exchanges on seeds that don't sprout? Any store at all? It's a risk you take man. If you can find a seedbank that promises to replace seeds that don't germinate, and that sells good strains for less than $10 a seed, and ships to the US, please let me know about them. Some people post threads about banks that don't send the seeds at all, or ones that send the wrong order or leave seeds out and just don't replace them at all.

    So far I've ordered from single seed centre 5 times and each time my package arrived discreetly, everything I ordered was there, and all the seeds I've planted have germinated. All the feminized seeds I've grown out have been female.

    You gotta think man, germinating seeds like these, there's alot of room for user error, and in alot of cases that's what happens. I'm not saying that's what happened in your case, but you can't expect a company to replace em because every time someone let them get too cold or too dry these guys would be losing money.

    The best thing to do is research grasscity and look for stuff people have grown out. Since the problems related to germination are really more the breeder's fault than the distributor, make sure you know about which breeders you're buying from. So long as the package arrives on time w/ the correct contents, the distributor did his job.
  6. I was a vegetable/herb farmer long before I was a medical farmer and yes every company I have ever ordered seed from would replace non-germinating seeds, that is standard practice in reputable industries and no farmer would stand for no guarantee on germination. 0-20% germination rate means the seeds are bad. I germinated lots of other seeds and had 90-100% germination rate. It is a scam to sell seeds for $10/seed just because they can and have no responsibility for the quality of the seeds. And yes you can get good quality seeds in the US from responsible breeders, just get to know your community. $4/seed is the going rate in Cali.

    Good luck!
  7. Seeds being $4 each from reputable breeders in cali doesn't do much for the entire rest of the country.
  8. Sheez man. Lay off! Get out in the sun!
  9. Mr. Goodsmoke has a point, I don't live in Cali so if I want something other than bagseed I got to order online. Mandala and Nirvana seeds are cheap compared to a lot of breeders and are high quality. I got the Safari Mix from Mandala since I am new to growing. Only bad thing is I have no idea what strain the seeds are, but it was a huge upgrade from bagseed and I am sure I will have a nice mix of sativa and indica plus everything in between. 20 seeds for about $30 is fine by me. Obviously go with your best option. But you can't go on an international forum and talk about how seeds are cheaper in Cali thus don't order online, because it doesn't help anyone from Iowa to England. Also, the marketing and clients that the companies you were dealing with are far different than that of Attitude and SSC. I bet at least 10% of their clients are not even 18 and haven't grown a radish outside, let alone pot in a closet. I do agree that SSC is kinda pricey, but sometimes that's what you got to deal with if you want small quantities. It's nice if you want variety and plan on cloning. For the price of one 5 pack of fem seeds you can get 3-4 different fem seeds from them compared to Attitude.
  10. Ordered from attitude on the 15th and they shipped the 18th, as of today Royal Mail says "preparing to ship over seas" I also ordered from single seed centre on the 17th and they shipped the 18th. I got my order from single seed centre today with no problems ( VERY STEALTH) and I ordered 2 days after attitude order and they are already here but attitude hasn't arrived yet . So far single seed centre is great in my books! Fast shipping and great stealth! This was my first time ordering online so I was very nervous and thought customs would snatch em. I will def be a repeat customer to single seed centre! I give them 10/10 and I would say IMO there stealth is better than the tude!
  11. Single Seed Centre is the only way i go. Really like them.
  12. Single seed is awesome. 8 days from day of order to my door in wa. State. All seeds safe. I planted 11 of 15 and in 5 days 9 of the 11 sprouted. ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINTS!!! Ill b ordering from them again for sure!
  13. i only order from single seed. one time a single one of my seeds was crushed out of like 20. they couldnt do anything because i didnt contact them in time which is understandable because in their terms you have to let them know right away. ever since they wrap the indivudual baggies in a sheet of bubble wrap. also though, knowing ppl working in the mail/delivery service, things get handled rough. they get thrown around, crushed, bent and banged up. this is why i would never order just a single seed. i usually get a minimum or 3 seeds per different variety. also then if it's a regular seed my changes of it being female are 87.5% going at a 50/50 ratio. seems the best chance for the money spent. although the more seeds you get the more chances of having better genetics of the same strain.
  14. Ordered about 7 or 8 on 11th of February, even with Presidents day in the middle, it took 13 days to arrive to midwest. All are looking fully mature, definitely better than some bagseed I've got to sprout. Looking at a dna genetics 60 day lemon auto and a speed seeds auto blueberry at the bottom of a cup of water right now. Satisfied with shipping, but if customs opens the package, they're probably getting snagged.

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