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  1. Just wanted to post about my positive, issue free order with The Single Seed Center. Just received them in the mail today with no problems. Highly suggested.
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    I wasn't impressed with the robitic response i got from customer service with single seed but my tss seeds did get here super fast, at least a week faster than my vault order but the service at the vault has completely won me over.

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    Maybe I lucked out as this was my first time buying them online. But either way I'm a happy customer.
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    No don't get me wrong i got all my seeds and all i am a happy customer. I got my seeds way way faster than i did from the vault. In fact here they are.
    Here's my thing, i made two orders. One with single seed and one with the vault. I asked both if they had a shirt or poster or big sticker or something i could get. TSS kind of blew me off with what appeared to be a cut and past respone "sorry we do not have any promotional material at this time." Jack at the vault he was more like oh yeah buddy i'll hook you up let me know in the notes i said i'd give you a free shit when you make your order. So i did. He sent me three shirts and some extra free seeds. The vault has literally treated me like i'm just one of their buddies since i began my business relationship with them. It's the people that won me over with the vault. TSS is a good company don't get me wrong there i wasn't slamming them just saying i'm sticking with the vault because tss isn't as fun to deal with.


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