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    I'm trying this new idea seeing if a single plant in a white cylinder will have a noticeable difference on the growth rate. I will be updating as soon as possible :smoke: I'm using a 45w 4100K neon CFL with 3000 lumens and in a 1 square foot wide by 2 foot tall cardboard cylinder. I made 1 exhaust and 1 intake and place a fan in front of the intake and recycling the the hot air from the exhaust which is placed at the bottom. Trying in reflecting as mush light as possible from all the angles! And keeping this plant under 1 foot in height.

    I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions or has tried to use this method?

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  2. Nice idea, sub'd.

    I've been thinking about a similar thing, only using a fairly beefy piece of PVC; I'll be watching to see how this goes.
  3. Cool, Ill be posting weekly pictures as soon as my seed sprouts:smoke:
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    I planted 1 seed of AK-48 on September 26 2010 in the 6'' pot. In the cylinder its a constant 26 Celcius with 50% humidity. First signs of life September 29! I'm adding some pictures. The only thing I have added so far is some Mychorize and only watered it! Also I'll be starting the flowering at 6'' inches since I want to make sure it stays under 18'' inches and a plant can easily double and even triple.

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    This is a AK-48 after 5 days of vegetation under a 45w 4100K with 3000 Lumens CFL. Tho today im going to add 2 more bulbs of 40w 2700K with 2600 lumens each. For a total of 125w and 8200 lumens in 1 square foot. This is a really fun experiment!

    There is a 2:1 ratio of red and blue spectrum. Tho what I did is placed a white cardboard all around so there it no loss of light. Never grown with CFL before. I'm wondering what this will give out as a yielding stand point.

    Day 5 of vegetation:

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    Its a little warm under the 3 CFL's. Around 30 celcius! Forgot to mention. I trying a new nutrient of NPK percentage of ( 10 - 6 - 16 ) and gonna be using this for vegetation, flowering and fructification! So far so good ;)

    Day 7 of vegetation and at 3 1/2 inches:

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  7. Very cool! I have subscribed and I am looking forward to following your grow.
  8. Hey, your plant is looking really nice! I'm growing AK 48 too. My grow box was hitting temps up to 85f last month and it didn't seem to slow them down much. I'm having some other PH related probs now... but that's another story. Love the single plant grow box design BTW, very cool :smoke:
  9. Upon closer inspection of the grow box, why don't you uncover the slit in the side? Sure, you'll lose 10% of your lumens, but it will surely cool that sucker down. Rock on dude.

    EDIT: I see the slit cover is not even reflective! This means that it serves no purpose. Rip that thing off and let some air to the plant for sure.
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    When talking about the slit meaning " cardboard " white is 85% reflective and I made the grow box bigger. The AK 48 is fast growing plant and im putting it in 12h/12h after 10 days of vegetation since its already going to be at 6'' inches in height! The problem with the heat is because I placed the grow box in a closet so it wont light up the whole house. Im going to post some new pictures either this after noon or tomorrow.

    How are you pH related problems affecting your plant?
  11. I would also recommend swap your ventilation hols, in your diagram it has the exhaust about plant height with the intake close to the light, you would be better off having the exhaust pull from the top, while having the cooler air come in from a lower point, remember hot air rises, and cool air stays lower to the floor/ground. Plus with the exhaust sucking air out from plant level it may take away some fresh air instead of promoting good circulation, I realize your cylinder isn't that large or tall, but it would also help in keeping the temp down since it will pull the warmer spent air gathered around the light source. These are my two cents and I am lending them on an "It may be better off like this" basis.:smoke: either way its your grow and your call, I will however say I like your idea and may have to make a similar setup, this would be great for those tent users with no where to keep a mother, I could even make a 2nd with an aero cloner, and then I can manage a perpetual setup.:hello:
  12. It's so small the air is circulating all over the place and I wanted to recycle the hot air! Perpetual for life....hehehe!
  13. I was wondering if that was the case, oh well, It didnt harm to throw in my 2 sense any. and rep on the perpetual as well.
  14. If you really want to know, here's a LINK to the thread. Yours look very nice tho. Good job.
  15. I just turned off the lights for 24 hours of darkness. Let the flowering begin !

    10 days of vegetation and 6'' inches:

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  16. 3 Days of Flowering: 14 October 2010

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  17. Update: Into day 6 of flowering and the plant is 9'' inches tall!
  18. 9 days of flowering and 12'' inches:

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