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    would 5 EcoSmart 27 Watt (100W) Full Spectrum cfl's be too much light for one plant? Each gives 1400 lumens. 4 lights at the base one floating above the plant. Is more light the better?

    how important are drain holes? miracle grow potting mix has been used since day 1 in a solid pot (no drain holes).

    Just started miracle grow liquafeed (12-9-6) bloom booster flower food in a spray bottle to leaf feed today. plant is 9 weeks from seed give or take a week or two. 12-12 light

    recommendations/opinions other than the probability of stupidity in method used.

    cfl - EcoSmart 27 Watt (100W) Full Spectrum Craft Light, 1 Pack (E)* - ES5M827FS at The Home Depot

    miracle grow potting mix - Miracle-Gro 8 qt. Moisture Control Potting Mix - 74078309 at The Home Depot

    liquafeed - Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Bloom Booster® Flower Food Refills, 16 oz. - 100404 at The Home Depot
  2. i'd go with 200 real watts of cfl for one plant, what you have might just be enough, definitely not too much, the more the better. holes let your soil drain, MJ doesn't like her roots drenched
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    each bulb is 100 watts it just uses 27 watts of power... my bad i didn't catch that typo. should holes be made? and where?

    would using a red light cfl/bulb help with flowering, when combind with regular cfls?
  4. Put at least 4-6 drain holes around the bottom "corner" of the pot. We measure CFL's in real watts, not the wattage equivilant. 125-150 is the min. You can go higher but it will heat up your closet faster and you will need better ventilation.

  5. if you're using cfl's all the way you want red (2700k) for flowering and blue (6500+) for veg. grab a few more of those bulbs of the right spectrum for each stage and you're good to go
  6. Actually, the recommended is 100 ACTUAL watts for one plant and 50 for every additional. However, depending on the size of your grow box and your personal demands, you could use less, but i wouldn't suggest less than 75 watts, it's really all about lumens.
  7. 27*5=135 watts for the plant. ~35 more watts than he really needs but extra light will not hurt one bit. unless ofcourse it gets too hot. And no its not about lumens its about wave lengths
  8. its about color temperature at least 1/150 watt in red spec and 1/150watt in blue for one plant if youre using cfls :hippie:
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    Sure it's about wave length, but a plant needs close to 10,000 lumens to fully photosynthesize. That's where the 100 watt recommendation comes from, most 26watt cfl's have around 1800 lumens, so by dividing 10k by 1800, you get roughly 5.5. That means 5-6 bulbs, so 130 watts. But in reality, grow space, temp., and reflectivity play a role so you can bring that number down to the rec. 100 watts. The wave length/spectrum is the temp in kelvins used to mimic sunlight, with 6500k being above the 5500 avg. daylight experienced on a cloudless sunny day outdoors. Chlorophyll absorption is needed in higher spectrum in veg than flower, so that's why most people get 6500k rather than 5500k, because why get natural lighting if you are doing it indoors. Here is more info: BTW lumens are really just what we percieve light to be from a human eye, they really don't have nayhting to do with the plant, but they do provide a means of determining light temp. and absorption.

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