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  1. © Provided by The Hill Jimmy Carter predicts US will eventually have single-payer healthcare system Former President Jimmy Carter (D) predicted that the U.S. will eventually switch over to a universal single-payer healthcare system, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

    Carter, 92, made the remarks ahead of teaching his Sunday school class in Plains, Ga.

    "When I was in the White House, I tried to get Medicare to cover everyone," he said.

    Carter's speech comes as Republicans are struggling in their attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare in the Senate. A procedural vote on their bill is expected on Tuesday.

    Single-payer healthcare programs have been gaining traction among members of the Democratic party, with Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), two potential 2020 presidential candidates, both backing the Medicare-for-all program.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) also centered his 2016 presidential bid around universal healthcare, calling for a system that "makes healthcare a right, not a privilege."

    Carter was recently treated for dehydration after he was sent to the hospital while building houses for Habitat For Humanity. He was released the next day and continued his construction work that morning.
  2. You're suppose to include your opinion when posting these types of threads.
  3. Considering his post, I would say that his opinion is obvious.
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  4. man thats a big surprise. Someone found a democrat who wants single payer! holy shit thats new! /s
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  5. Wonder where all the good doctors will flee to if we go to Medicare for all.
    People will want to get paid..
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  6. Where do you think? Cuba?
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  7. Canada!
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  8. When was the last time Republicans paid for anything?
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  9. They'll probably stay in the US and treat congressman who exempt themselves and wealthy foreigners.
  10. I'm guessing some republican somewhere paid for something today. Don't really understand the question.. Sorry.
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  11. No. Cuba wouldn't have them, they have a world class healthcare system.
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  12. Over the past three decades, Repubs has had this strategy, get elected by preaching fiscal responsibility, make a complete mess of things, and when a Democrat comes in to clean up the mess, then blame them endlessly for not fixing it fast enough. We have spent the last 8 years listening to this. Republicans have one goal and that is to line the pockets of the rich to make them even richer than they now are. Are you OK with the 30 Trillion dollars in wealth transfer to the top Ryan has planned?
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  13. IMO its a coin toss that we'll have single payer in the next few decades. we're already halfway there, the market is pretty much gone. all that's left is the incentive for physicians, particularly specialists.

    my conspiracy theory is that obamacare was intentionally passed with massive flaws in order to push people towards a single payer system. the republican replacement obviously won't be any better.

    millions of people only have one insurance company on the obamacare exchange and they jack up premiums insanely. there are few ways to go from here that will be palatable to voters. one of those is definitely single payer/medicare for all.

    the healthcare lobby is pretty strong, so like i say its a tossup
  14. That and maybe Max Baucus (remember him?) received more money from the health and insurance lobbies than any other member of congress. That was about the time Max declared Single Payer was off the table.
  15. i have no idea who that is
  16. When has a Democrat ever paid for anything? If I'm not mistaken they are both responsible for acquiring so much debt that it will never be paid down. Republicrats need to go there way of the dodo.
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  17. It's far from world class, but also not total shit.
    The US embargo isn't helping matters though.

    Pretty good read here.. Seems pretty unbiased.

    Is the Cuban healthcare system really as great as people claim?
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  18. I don't have a problem with single payer..
    My issue is that the money won't be spent properly, the bureaucracy will be out of control, and I don't that think they are equipped for the increased demand.

    But there's no turning back at this point.. May as well do it.
    But it'll wind up being a corrupt, wasteful mess like everything else is.
    You'll still have politicians and rich folks getting better service and care though.

    The politicians who are clamoring for a single payer system probably won't be going to medicaid doctors and clinics.
  19. When is the last time a democrat did anything to 'clean' things up?

    If you still buy into dems and repubs, you are yet lost in ignorance.

    Fuck both 'sides'

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  20. Completely agree, that's my logic as well. Halfway there and no going back.

    I don't really have an opinion on it either way. I'm not sure how it would work in this country in particular with our corrupt and stupid politicians deciding whats best for everyone while they get the highest class care. But the only thing worse than what we have no is zero healthcare.

    Social Security and Medicare recipients are getting screwed as we speak. It will probably be the same story with single payer. They fuck it up with their stupidity and greed, and then the D's and R's make it a major voting issue, while nothing ever gets fixed.

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