Single or taken?

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  1. single ftw! i just love being single. more time to myself. don't have to answer to anyone's bullshit and can look at as many guys as i want without feeling guilty. don't have to talk on the phone (which i kind of hate) or waste my time. im free!! and i love it.

    yeah it's nice to be taken but.. im just more relaxed when im not.

    so.. whose single and whose taken? like it or hate it? :devious:
  2. single on a 2 year losing streak of doom, and hating it.

    being crammed up in a studio apartment all day, and lack of friends gets you feeling kinda lonely.
  3. Taken. Been taken for almost a year and a half. I have a feeling I am going to marry this girl...we are so different yet so much alike. And I don't overreact and think shit like that normally. It is just a great relationship. Yeah, we have our fights and arguments, but we also have a lot of fun. It is funny because I used to hate talking on the phone (and I really still do) but I talk to her multiple times a day. We have a very natural relationship, built on things that will keep people together for a long, long time.

    Good thing we have the same phone carrier ha.
  4. Taken for about 2.5 years now (wow, that sounds pretty crazy). I also hate talking on the phone and the occational fights, but its totally worth it.
  5. HURRAY!!! for singleness!!!
  6. Single and celibate, five years.
    loving everyday.

  7. Single at the moment. I like not having someone that is always there. I also like the money I save on gifts/dates. When people ask me why I am single (a stupid question to begin with), I just say I am trying to save money...
  8. Single as of a few weeks ago.
  9. possibly single later..

    i just cant change my ways i guess.:rolleyes:
  10. single but still in the game baby! after breaking up with my gf of one year i didnt think id get laid for a while...i was wrong :D
  11. Single for 2 months now. :(

    Not enjoying it much, but keeping busy.
  12. Taken.

    Been with my girl for almost a year and a half.
  13. I've been single for a year now. Meh. In some ways it's awesome, but I'm starting to get tired of my own company.
  14. Taken and loving it, if I didn't I wouldn't be with her.
  15. Haha at dangermouse deleting his post :p
  16. her post
  17. oh burn!! ahaha. don't you hate it when the guys get it twisted and think you're a man. but it's always fun correcting them :devious:

    anyways. i've been single for 8 months. and i like my company. shiiiit.. i think im some pretty damn good company.
  18. Single, not loving it, not hating it
  19. taken :) and loving every minute of it. he's my other half. :love:

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