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  1. y is a young seedlin only producing single finger leaves?conditions seem perfect except low humidity (30-40%) anything to worry about? the fingers look very healthy
  2. I get the same thing I think my issue is lack of light. I use a tek2 for clones its like a 4 bulb t5, after there a foot or so under that light they start throwing out one blades. When I move them to the 600mh the new growth comes out normal.

    Good luck, BeZ...V
  3. BTW all those single blades make my plants real bushy so I'm not concerned with it anymore. The first time I saw it I freaked out tho. Lol

  4. Yeah it's not a big deal as long as your plants growing happily. I agree about the lack off light being a likely source. I've also had a few plants that just seemed liked they got ahead of them selves and were growing too fast to keep up. This Purple Diesel of mine has been growing crazy fast and was shooting out single blade and now three blade leaves. But I'm thrilled with the growth, so the amount of blades isn't a concern.

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