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  1. so ive been looking on google and really i cant find a good source for the information i want so i figured grasscity is the best so here it is:

    what is the difference between single double and triple blown pipes, ive read that it is just something people say to make it sound better, and ive read it deals with the thickness and quality of the pipes. reason im asking is because some kid mentioned he has double blown pipes and just wondering if there really is a thing or just made up.

    thanks gc
  2. Nope there is no difference between single, double and triple blown pipes. It's just something people say to make it seem better. I could be wrong but I don't believe you can blow glass more than once..
  3. I've been wondering WTF this means too. Someone enlighten us!
  4. I've heard from multiple people who blow glass that it is simply a marketing term which is completely bullshit.
  5. It actually doesn't mean anything. Sometimes people will call an inside/out pipe "double blown", which sort of makes sense. I figure the term tripple blown came to be just because it MUST be better than double blown!

    Neither are standard or recognised terms in the trade.

  6. That's where I've heard it too. Well, glad to know it means nothing lol!
  7. i'm sure there's a thread about this somewhere. those are all made up terms used to sell glass. glass thickness is measured in millimeters.
  8. there is no such thing.

    it's a way to mark up glass prices to unwitting customers.
  9. It is indisputable fact that single, double, and triple blown glass exists. It doesn't have anything to do with the way it sounds but it is fact.

    Single blown pipes are a thin sheet of glass the whole way through. It is as thin as a glass side for a microscope which is pretty thin.

    Double blown pipes actually look like they have two molds, an inside mold and an outside mold, of the pipe that are kind of blown together. In reality it is just glass that is blown thicker than singles but less than triples.

    Triple blown pipes are the same as double blown pipes but the maker simple blew the pipe into the hardest, most unbreakable glass mold out there. It is super thick and super hard and the curves and pressure points, or spots that it lands on and easily breaks because of, are blown with even more precision.

    They aren't individual blows but they do exist and are not a trick. The only trick I see is people calling a double, a triple. You will know when you have a true triple because you will drop it to infinity and it won't break, chip, or even have a scratch.
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    Just like Herb had siad, there is somewhat of a difference between single, dbl, and triple blown glass.

    I've dabbled here and there in glass making,, not glassblowing yet, but I can tel l you from experience, (and my instructor being a pain in the ass about it), that thicker glass, even though its heavier, tends to be better, hence triple blown as the name. When a glass blower normal makes any sort of piece, lets say a vase; they actually have all 3 types of sizes within the piece. The base is typically always triple, the middle is double and the edge on top, depending on maker can either be between double and triple (a lip on the edge, or a single0 no lip).

    However, there is no real difference and the terminology is mostly made up. Those in the trade know this, those trying to make money are bullshitting you guys. Every now and then a blower might say, dble it or triple it, on a piece, but that's only about he thickness currently and then will be, nothing to do with this terminology.

    again. single, dble, triple, really means nothing, unless you want it to, then it only really has a meaning for you.
  11. i am a glassblower,and i know for a fact that triple and double blown pipes is bullshit,no such thing,it was some bullshit started by headshops to make people think its a better product,it does not exist in anyway what so ever,it all matters how long the blower heats up and condenses the glass to make it the thickness they prefer it to be,nothing to do with it being triple or double anything,its all bullshit,just some facts so you guys no,ITS BULLSHIT,peace LEAR
  12. I guess /thread. LEAR is the man.

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