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    Regarding the yields from this type of grow,in grams of dried bud, How much have you guys (or Gals) been actually getting per plant?
    I know there are a million variables that can affect that ,But I just need a "ballpark" average of yield per plant,assuming that all grow room conditions are good.
    Also,if you would,Please state what size pots you used,and how tall you let the girls get in that size pot.
    I'm planning to use small square pots that are 5" x 5" x 7" height..and hoping to let each plant get around 12" tall...
    Thanks for any guidance you can give me on this,It will really help me in my decision to switch to this method .

    OK,I feel the need to back up,and re-phrase the question,so, Here goes:

    Have YOU had any experience growing with the "Sea Of Green " method...You know,like filling up your flowering space with 40 or 50 small,single-cola plants instead of 5 or 6 large indoor plants ?

    If your answer is NO,then please leave the room now,and go smoke another bowl...

    If your answer is YES, then Please stay with me ...I would love to know how much yield YOU were able to achieve,PER PLANT...
    Was it a half ounce ?
    Was it an ounce and a half ?
    Was it 4 grams , or What ?

    I am looking for a voice of experience here,so please don't reply if you have never tried this method.
  2. What,Nobody does this ??? Maybe I should consider THAT in my decision making ! LOL !
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  3. No one can effectively answer this question...

    Yields are dependent on your grow environment, style, skills/experience as a grower, and most importantly, the strain that you are growing.
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  4. Is it that complicated ??? I wasn't asking what MY yield is GONNA BE...Just want to know what other growers' yields HAVE BEEN ...whether it was a surprise or a disappointment
  5. Yields are dependent on your grow environment, style, skills/experience as a grower, and most importantly, the strain that you are growing.
  6. Really ??? So does that mean that nobody is allowed to report on their yieldS (as in PAST TENSE) ???
    Please dont answer if you haven't read the entire question..
  7. I have a completed grow journal if you'd like to go through it... I also have one I'm doing currently in the flowering stage.

    Attempt #2 (Special queen #1)

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones
  8. Is either one of them about growing a bunch of small,single cola plants,in small pots,as in the "Sea Of Green " method ?
  9. I'm pretty sure @Sc00byD00bie runs a 100 gallon indoor going straight from clone to flower. Not a small pot but lots of clones in 1 pot might be able to give some insight on yields also knows his stuff learned a lot from his posts.
  10. i dont do small pots but in my 100gallon i got 15-20grams per plant that where flowered straight from rooted clones.

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  11. original post edited.
  12. Now THATS what I'm looking for,THANK YOU SCOOB !!!
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  13. I do use small pots. This is around what I am expecting from my sog grow, maybe a little less. It's my first attempt at sog so I cant claim any experience past this one grow.

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  14. My bad I didn't even really read the title just clicked in here after reading a comment.
  15. When running my aquaponics system yield was 15-45 grams per plant. Depending on the plant.

    Also consider your local laws, numbers matter when standing in a court of law. 2 sounds way better then 100. Monsters that yield the same amount is IMO way easier to manage.
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  16. Very valid point there,Ficky...Definitely something to consider
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  17. He isn't asking how much he will obtain. He's asking people who have experienced this method how much THEY have gotten.
    Regardless of strain, and under proper growing conditions. I don't see what you don't get??
    Untighted your butthole my friend.
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  18. Thanks,cloudsofganja, for coming to my defense...Preciate it,buddy !
    Now here's the real motive to the madness....
    I've been told by one "advisor" so far,That my flowering area,which produces around 1 lb of bud on each grow, from 6 or 7 plants of "normal" size, COULD be producing HALF AGAIN MORE BUD , IF I flowered 50 or so of these little girls in that same space that 6 plants normally fill up...(See where I'm going with this ? ) All nice,fat top colas, 50 of them,at a time...
    So...Guess you could say I needed a 2nd opinion on that concept.
    And, If I knew what others normally got out of this method of growing, per/plant, THEN I could do the math

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