Single 600W or 2 X 400W?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by outdoorsalways, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I've been lurking and studying for a month or so in preparation for my first grow around the beginning of May.

    I'm at the point right now where I want to start purchasing some of my gear and was wondering which lighting route to go with.

    My space will be 8' X 4', with a height of 7'. The actual growing area will be
    4' X 4'

    Ventilation is/will not be a problem. The area has vented access from outside that I will use to draw in fresh air, and exhaust will be through an old unused chimney. Haven't decided on one of two DYI charcoal filters yet, but am always open to suggestions.

    So, do I go with 2 - 400 watt dimmable MH/HPS air cooled, or a single 600 Watt air cooled dimmable MH/HPS.

    And if I decide to go with two 400's, at what point would you add the second one? Right away, or wait until I go into flower?

    Thanks to anyone that chimes in.
  2. 2 400w. i believe (correct me if im wrong) 4x4 is maxing out your 600w light. so 2 400w will easily cover all that =)
    and add them both right away. do both on mh for veg and do a mix of mh/hps for flower. i have heard some peoples best grows were under a mix of hps and mh. you just have to switch them back and fourth once or twice a day
  3. I'd say the two 400w, especially if ventilation isn't going to be a problem. You won't need both right away - add the second one about halfway through veg if you want big plants. You could also try using a MH and HPS together. That's just what I think.
  4. Id go with the 600, it has one of the best lumen to watt ratios on the market. 600 should be fine for a 4x4 space, and most growers once they get into it they almost always expand and the 600 would allow you to add another 600 instead of scrapping both 400w and upgrading to stronger lights....

    So in summary, the 600 would be plenty for the space you have at the moment, and allow for a better upgrade if you ever change the size of your space. And they have the best lumen 2 watt ratio .
  5. Great advice everyone, and thank you. I asked this same question on another board 24 hours ago and haven't had a single response, so I appreciated you guys giving me a little help.

    Anyway, let me add to my question:

    If I was looking into the future with my grow space and I decided to use the space in this manner - 3' deep and 6' wide, would that change any of your answers?

    Would 2 400's cover that area better, or at that point would you step up to a second 600 if that's the light I choose for my first grow? Not quite able to squeeze 2 600's out of the budget right now, but 2 400's are possible, so keep that in mind.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the single 600 because I feel it would be a good investment into the future, but the possibility of having a little more coverage lengthwise with 2 400's is also a strong point.

    My space is easily convertible to pretty much any size I choose, so that's also weighing into my decision. I thought I would pull the trigger on the best light possible and then shape my grow space accordingly.

    Again, thanks for the input and help.
  6. I have a 600w in a 4 x 4 tent. I would do either two 400w or two 600w. For a 4 x 4 footprint to have 50w per sqft, you want 800w. Two 600w would give you 75w per sqft and you could pull quite nice harvest. You could do a 1k as well but they arent as efficient as far as comparing watts to lumen output, as I believe someone else mentioned.

  7. I'm leaning more towards the single 600, more or less for the reasons you mention. I'm one of those guys that gets into something and then wants to take the next step. A single 600 vs. 2 400's will allow me to do that when I get the hang of growing.

    Also, the space is big enough and will have good ventilation, so going with a second 600 in the future would be the next logical step.

    Any opinions on a good DIY filter and fan assembly?
  8. I've pretty much decided to go with a 600w.

    Any recommendations on which one to go with? I'm looking for air cooled and dimmable.
  9. You should use 2 600's.

    Just saying .... I have a 6x6, so its a little large than yours, but if you take out the pathway I made in it, its a 4x4. 2 600's are the absolute way to go.

    HTG Supply - Digital Greenhouse 600 watt HPS Grow Light

    With the easy cool 6 hood (the one i use for my 600's) that kit is like $230 for one.

    You can find better deals on kits of max wing reflectors, but if your looking for a 600w system, thats reliable, that comes with a very nice hood, Thats the way to go.

    I still recommend 2 of them though.

  10. Cool....thanks for the input.

    Since this is my first grow and my space could easily be 3'x3', I'm going to go with a single 600 and grow from there. Who knows, maybe during flowering I will step up depending what the budget looks like at that point. Right now it's sitting at $800.00 for the whole grow, so I'm trying to spend the money as wisely as possible.

    I asked in the lighting forum what the difference/preference is between the "air cooled" and the "cool tube"?

    Is the cool tube generally used for a more direct light in a confined space?

    Also, does anyone recommend including a little side lighting with either CFL's or standard Fluoro's if I choose the single 600?
  11. Hey Outdoor,
    Here's my 2 cents. I'd go with 2 - 400's just for the versitility & the fact that you'll only need one early in veg. I just switched out equipment at the start of my 3rd grow from a 1000 watter to 1 - 600 & will add a second a 2nd 600 as needed in a week or so.
    It would be nice to only have to set-up a room once, but from what I've read & I've read for a year planning & ploting. From what I've learned your needs change.
    I went to a digital ballast & that's the right call for me.

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