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  1. Although I must admit Hip Hop is my favourite music, I think singer-songwriters write most of the best tracks. Who would u guys recommened who I may not have heard of???

    I'm really into Elton John, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Neil Young... I've just bought Isaac Hayes as he was recommended by a friend so hopefully I'll like him also...
  2. Though technically it's a band, the project called Bright Eyes is pretty much a fancy label for a genius and musical savant named Conor Oberst. The man is incredible. Rich emotion, lyrics that will make you shiver and cry and raise the hair on the back of your neck. He gets political, romantic, and conceptual all at once.

    some tracks.

    Contrast and Compare
    Something Vague
    When The President Talks to God
    The Calendar Hung Itself
    A Song to Pass the Time
    Poison Oak
    Bowl of Oranges
    Road to Joy
    The City Has Sex With Itself
    We Are Nowhere, And It's Now

    I seperate these tracks below because while they're all the joy of Bright Eyes, it's worthwhile to make a caveat that they sound significantly different than a lot of his stuff. Mainly it's because of the album they're on, Digital Ash in A Digital Urn is a sort of electronic approach. Great stuff.

    Gold Mine Gutted
    Arc of Time
    Light Pollution
    Hit The Switch
    Ship in a Bottle

    Pretentious in my music choices maybe, but I can pretty much guarantee you'll be satisfied.
  3. I don't know your age, and you seem to be focused on mainly older music, but I'll be sticking to mostly modern artists for recommendation... up to you if you want to check them out or not.

    Commenting on the above post:
    I think most 16-28 year olds have probably heard of Bright Eyes, by now, but definitely check it out if you haven't. A lot of people talk shit about Conor, but he is a great songwriter. A lot of people have compared his song writing skills to bob dylan.. if that helps you want to listen.

    You also might as well check out Cursive while you're at it... fronted by Tim Kasher. It's a band, but a lot of it is put together by Kasher... They're on the same record label as bright eyes.

    K, now on to some of my picks, first the modern stuff:

    Iron & Wine (Sam Beam - folk/indie-pop... very relaxing.)

    Her Space Holiday (Mark Bianchi - indie off-kilter stuff, newer stuff is more electronic and more catchy)

    Devendra Banhart (great folk singer/songwriter)

    Elliott Smith (amazing indie/folk singer/songwriter... no longer alive due to suicide :()

    Ani DiFranco (female folk rock)

    Bjork (ALL kinds of music... extremely talented)

    Cary Brothers (Jason Kanakis and revolving musicians... indie/rock/folk... got a lot of attention for the song "Blue Eyes" download it)

    Gary Jules (best known for his cover of the song Mad World on the Donnie Darko soundtrack)

    The Shins (really good indie/rock/pop stuff... it's a band, but the singer/songwriter is James Mercer)

    more mainstream artists I don't listen to much of, but are talented:

    John Mayer (rock/blues)

    Jack Johnson (chill folk)

    Coldplay (great songwriting)

    Good older stuff that I like:

    Nick Drake (<-- check out if you haven't heard!)

    Johnny Cash (of course everyone knows this one)

    Carly Simon

    Here, I found a good link for you:

  4. elliott smith is amazing. i've been addicted to his music for a couple years now.

    i also like Beck. his newest album, Guero, is pretty good. takes a few listens though.
  5. Cat Power.
  6. ben folds writes great music.
  7. to put TheFxingHero's response simplest, anything off the garden state soundtrack.
  8. This doesnt really belong here at all, but check out Thievery Corporation. I think they had a song on the Gardenstate soundtrack, so this kind of ties into what the person above me said.

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