Discussion in 'General' started by jfresh420, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. google cant find it..what do u guys do when u run out of herb? like right now im just bored out of my mind,dont know what to do:(
  2. Do the same things you would do when you're high. You don't need weed to enjoy the things you like doing.
  3. yes, i kno that..but all im doing is sitting at my computer,there was absolutly nothing to do lastnight
  4. 1) Find more consistent dealers
    2) If you can't afford, get a job.
    3) If you're out of weed, find a way to get it into your life routinely :)
  5. Get on with life?
  6. Really no way for us to help you out with that. Sorry to hear about your loss.

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