Since when do dealers hook it up?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smokeitdown, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So I went to my boys house to get a 50 sack... which he told me was 3g. So after making me drive around and wait for 30 minutes, he hooked it up with 3.9g!! I was shocked when I got home and weighed it, I actually weighed it 3 times haha.

    Anybody ever get hooked up like that? It NEVER happens to me. Guess the karma train is in town.. I've been deserving of it.
  2. nah most I've ever gotten was like .2 over. That's fucking sweet though. Grats man
  3. I've know my dealer since I was 5.

    All the time! :D
  4. Yeah I was like in shock! Haha, usually, bags are anywhere from .1 - .5 short, if youre getting weight its usually a few grams short. Looks like I'll be calling this one more often!
  5. Man, call them out on that. You should be getting what you pay for, at least.
  6. his scale def got fucked and uncalibrated i've ruined expensive scales by accidently fuckin em upn cant recalibrae cuz i dont have the 1000g clibrator wieght or wateva the fuck it says it comes with but have yet do find one that does. and you should def take advantage of this if he is consistintly short...especially on weight wat the fuck kinda shit is that...

    or maybe he felt like bein nice, either way you lucked out...good shit
  7. Yeah I've gotten from this kid a few times before, he was always dead on point. Then today he hooked it up. I just smoked and I'm completely fucked. Just a good .3 snapper out of my bong. Shits ridiculous! Im bout to take a picture of it all weighed up.

    I doubt his scale is fucked. He told me he hooked it up lol.
  8. My dealer hooks me up all the time, but i bring him new sales daily.. get $150 worth for $100 :smoke:
  9. in boston... for 50$ u can get a 1/4 for 40$ of mids and have 10$ for mickey d's.. or an 1/4 of sum dank strain.. but my dads buddy who hes known forever.. hooks him up w basicly half oz's for around 50$ and its sum dank homegrown ish.. i can get "samples" when my bud ,nick gets a new strain and hes my best friend so i always get my moneys worth u no... but .9 above what u where expecting is always a nice surprise so good looks to that dude right..
  10. I give a dealer rides (not my dealer)
    But he smokes me out every time I drive him anywhere.
    It's the best deal ever.
  11. Ah those were the good old days for me. Back in HS i was the first person in my grade to get my license.. I drove a lot of people around when we went out partying or whatever and I ALWAYS got smoked out. It was the shiiiiit. Never had to pay for my own gas either. That was the best
  12. Around here, (southern Manitoba, Canada) we always pay $10 a G no ifs, ands, or buts.

    I can usually get eighths for $30, quarters for $50, and half oz for $100.

    Everybody else pays through the nose.

    Kinda nice, too bad I rarely smoke anymore, so now I just do hook-ups and get some profit on the side for tea or profit later.
  13. I love it when that happens. I once ended up paying 15 for 4 grams because my dealer was fucked up on painkillers when he was weighing the bag.
  14. I don't charge people gas money cause we all know I'd just buy weed with it.

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