Since THC is nonpolar, what if...

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Mike Hawke, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Since THC is nonpolar, what would happen if someone soaked some bud in water, filtered it, and let the bud dry out?
    Has this been done or thought of before? it must have..
    The THC (nonpolar) would stay in the bud, while some of the inactive chemicals would be absorbed into the water (polar).
    Then after drying the bud, it should would be more potent right?  (Higher percentage THC by weight)
    I'm sure some active chemicals would be lost, but all I'm wondering about is the thc here

  2. this is called water curing, as opposed to the much more common air curing. it does exactly as you think, the buds lose mass but not thc, consequently making them more potent. it is a much more effective cure and takes less time, the smoke becomes smoother and the buds lose their smell.
  3. thank you for pointing me to water curing... chemistry is awesome
  4. Use a jar and orange pill and give it some light , your buds will fluff out , it taste like citrus and it smokes better
    Peel lol not pill

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