Sin City (The movie)

Discussion in 'General' started by Jimi001, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ..Wtf? I smoked a couple bowls and this movie is on TV it's so weird. :confused:
  2. You cant watch it on tv, its like watching a neutered version of the movie.
  3. Well there's your problem! Watching movies on TV sucks most of the time because of the censorship/editing. Sin City is a pretty graphic film so I would expect alot of things to be cut out.

    It's alright, though. I know it's based on a comic book but alot of the shit in that movie is way far out.
  4. It's kinda cool how they have the colors and stuff, I didn't really watch the whole thing but when I went to eat and came back the guy was hallucinating in the car with the guy who had a gun coming out of his head lol it was interesting
  5. Movies are not meant to be seen on TV, unless it's HBO or something. And yeah, its a pretty good movie, allready 2 sequals planned. I heard the comics are pretty good too.
  6. haha thats not a hallucination

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