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  1. I love the Simpsons. The phrase 'avid viewer' pays me no justice. I am one of those fans who watch all the re-runs, everday on fox. regardless if I've seen them.

    Having said that, I was obviously quite stoked for the movie. I had been saying for years that they should make a movie. And when they finally did, I almost lost interest. For one reason alone..... it was sooooooo over advertised I actually became annoyed. Every channel played the trailer and it seemed every business had some kind of Simpsons promotion. Especially booger fling. (burger king).

    Nonetheless, I was still going to see the flick.

    I am very much opposed to paying 10$ to sit on my ass for 2 hours. And usually, I go to the movies with my girlfirend and it runs me between 25-50$. With food, tickets, drinks x2. So I told myself I was going to wait until the dvd came out, or it came out on demand. (iO)

    Coincidentally, one of my buddies had downloaded it and burned it onto a dvd for me.

    The movie was great, like I had expected. Although, it really just seemed like 3 1/2 episodes run back to back. Anyhoo... the point of this thread is to point out some silly irony.

    The beginning sequence (after Itchy and Scratchy scene) was well done. They elongated the classic skateboarding around town thru Homer getting chased into the garage by Marge's car. While I was watching my recently illegally downloaded movie, it came to the part where Bart is in detention and writing over and over on the black board. I just thought it was funny that it said, "I will not illegally download this movie".

    if anyone wants it.....i have it on my computer. so learns me how to get the file to you and its yours.

    yea, thats it
  2. i really enjoyed the movie
  3. i thought it sucked
    i like the simpsons and gave it was kind of funny, but most of the time i was giving them sympathy laughs, there writing has gone to complete shit
  4. There was some good parts, and some stupid ones:cool:
  5. fuck yes

    Fox should have pulled it's god damn lips off the asshole of The Simpsons crew long enough to realize the Family Guy crew had more than enough for a flick with that stewie movie

    wasn't piss your already shitted pants funny but compared to the simpons movie that two ep mish mash was gold and I'm damn sure seth mcfarlane seth green borstin and mike henry could have come up with an even better concept 'n script if it was bound for the sliver screen

    instead fox brown noses a show thats already on it's way out
  6. Seriously, I totally want the movie, but my stoner ass is too lazy to do anything but watch it on google or youtube.
  7. i wish it was r rated id like to hear homer say fuck
  8. Spider Pig...Spider Pig........does whatever a Spider pig does..........:hello:

    thought of Superjoint.......;)
  9. You can't blame fox for this. There has been talk of a Simpsons movie for over a decade now. Matt Groenig always said "We'll make a movie once the show is done." Now, there is a lot of speculation whether this will be the last season, or if groenig felt like fucking his dignity, and was just looking for a cash out.
  10. gotta figure simpsons guys are looking to cash out cuz they really don't try these days

    family guy crew actually dragged themselves back twice based on fans actually liking shit while the simpsons mofos kept smoking more weed 'n prasing themselves

    guess being a drunk nets ya better ideas or enough self loathing to try harder lol
  11. hell yes. i agree
  12. I downloaded the illegal copy of the movie. It was great! /waves @ MPAA!
  13. i wlked out the first 10 minutes, then went hopping, movie hopping that is, with a bottle of lemonade and tweezler pul-n-peels
  14. An hour and a half movie full of "like remember that one time"*flashback* or "this is just like that one time i"*flashback* Jokes would probably get reeeeeeal repetitive.
  15. ^ lol not if you're drunk or high

    it's the kinda show you can chat during stop laugh laugh harder 'n pick back up chatting

    the simpsons have lost that long story arc edge and in trying to be american dad/family guy they've failed by removing their strongest suit

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