Simpson's Medical MJ Episode

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  1. I'm sure a lot of you have seen it, it's a pretty decent eps of The Simpsons. For those that haven't seen it, basically Homer needs to take medical MJ to get his eyes better, and in the process has to fight city hall to keep it legal.

    But I was just thinking, that even though that episode is especially funny if you're baked, it's really more like an anti-drug commercial. All they do is present all the negative stereotypes and actions that make people not like pot users. For example:

    * None of the people at the rally have jobs.
    * Homer acts extremely retarded on weed, yet when he drinks all the time in the other episodes he rarely shows any negative effects (occasionally there's episodes where he wakes up in the yard or they show him being drunk, but they are sparse compared to how often they show him drinking every episode).
    * Weed makes Homer miss the voting date.
    * They make fun of the medical marijuana program and imply that people just use it to get high ("Homer, you can stop using drugs, your eyes are all better." "Eyes? What the hell are you talking about?")

    I mean there are some good quips too, like Lisa saying she wanted "The old dad back, the one who was always yelling...", but otherwise stoners are protrayed horribly in this episode, which I think is somewhat of a big deal considereing how large the viewer base for The Simpsons is. Any thoughts?
  2. I havent seen the ep but the way your explaing it I could see them going that direction I supose.

    Im downloading it now check it out I havent seen simpsons in a while Think Ill nab a bunch eps thanks for the idea :D

    "Weekend at Burnsies"
    1316 DABF11
    Original Airdate: 4/14/02

    When Homer is attacked by a mob of crows, he injures his eyes and Dr. Hibbert prescribes him medical marijuana. Homer quickly becomes addicted to the wacky weed though and starts exhibiting all the known traits of pot-headedness: hunger, laziness, mellowed personality, etc.
    While looking for someone to laugh at his company's dismal quarterly report, Mr. Burns hires Homer who finds everything funny while he's high. Burns feels that if he makes the report funny, it'll lesson the blow. Unfortunately, a new law is passed that bans the use of medical marijuana and Homer is unable to laugh at any of Mr. Burns' outdated humor.

    At the shareholders meeting, Mr. Burns fakes his own death and Homer and Smithers use his body as a puppet to trick the stockholders. The plan works and the plant is saved from another major crisis.

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