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Simply Thoughts

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SimplyBud, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. The simplest way to put this is, it is a collection of my thoughts and views. This will be a collection of all my Philosophical views. I am constantly questioning society. I get most of my views through things i see everyday. I feel as if each thing was read by my brain for a purpose, maybe even a message. I have tons of rants on Government and even religious views. I love hearing others views and opinions and would love to hear people inputs and own personal opinions. I am not hear to convince anyone my views are morally correct or right. When it comes to religious quotes, I understand they are views that no one can not prove or disprove. I am doing this so I can organize my ideas and share them with anyone and hear others views.

    i guess the first view I will share is my view on religion. Before I tell you my views now, I will explain my background. I come from a Roman Catholic Family. My family is full of people who strongly follow Christ, so i was raised the same. I went through all the religious sacraments all they way to conformation. I was confirmed in 7th grade. Around this time I had a friend who was strongly Catholic as well. Him and I moved away from each other and when we talked again, I discovered he was an atheist. I then began to question how I was brought up.
    School then seemed to put a huge influence on my religion regardless of the fact i was attending a public school. All the historical events that showed corruption in the church. It made me wonder, if people used a book just to find them in a higher place in society. It made me remember the quote i once heard:
    "Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them."
    If this is true (which sometimes I honestly believe it is) could someone not call himself the Son of God, causing people to instantly worship him over a few well planned out hoaxes. People have the brain captivity to do it now, why not back then?
    I then decided i would look further into it. Around this time I really began to smoke. I was that kid that always wanted to share his life view. "His Purpose of life". I began to form rants talking down upon even society. I then gained this very realistic view of the world. I began to notice the world how it really is, not in the scared eyes of a scared young teenager but as how it really is. This is my current belief system based on others ideas i have read and ones I have expanded myself or conjured up.

    I consider myself an Atheist. The view i strongly believe is correct is that there is no God. I believe that no one wants to hear that the problems in their life are their own fault. Naturally people wanted someone to blame other than themselves. Also, a similar dilemah was why things happen. People have been asking why things happen since the beginning of time. The fact that gods were created for almost every emotion and prized accomplishments of each had their own God, showed me that because they couldn't explain why plants grew or even how. Naturally, when something happens for no apparent reason, it is "MAGIC". Then if no one is there to say the preformed the magic or take credit for it, society created an invisible being to state did it. People then stated they could speak to these gods, probably seeing the possibility of gaining higher position in society. The advancements in technology and science compared to the Greek times to the Roman times, they were on very similar philosophical and scientific advancements. There is no doubt in my mind that a person could not conjure up an idea of how to take advantage of the current Jewish Religious view and personally add yourself into the equation to gain a higher place in their society. All religions can be broken up into Archetypes. He is the deffinition of Archetypes as I use it. Symbols and themes of such universality that they seem to be part of human psychic inheritance. These include the Anima, Animus, the Mother, the Trickster, the Old Man and other characters common to fairy tales and myths, as well as such themes as Initiation and Rebirth. All religions have a common reoccurring event that happens to the main characters similar to those of fairytale and myths. If the theory of archetypes, if people who never met each other were to write a story or a fairytale, they would have similar traits and patterns. (I have a view on patterns i will share some other day.) The trait of being reborn or resurrected or life after death hell and heaven is a common archetypes in all religions that were from different times. All also mention similar things such as color and elements (earth, wind , fire , water) as common symbols. I could be completely wrong with this belief or view, but that's the fun of it. We can go our entire lives believing lies, and we will never know. Sorry for the long read and if there are a lot of grammar mistakes, I am sorry. I suck at writing. Hope you enjoy this. For those who want to share their views on this subject may go ahead. Thanks for reading!

    SimplyBud :bongin:
  2. Does it matter to begin with? People shouldn't care whether there is a God or not, unless they seek perfection. All in all, if you don't have any emotion, or love involved in your life, then life is confused and pointless. So nothing anyone says or does really matters, and it would be pointless to do anything, really.

    I love seeking for love.
    I hate those who prevent it.

    Love is hard to find, and I can never find it.
    It seems that the whole society prevents love, everyone is always at each others throats.

    All that I really want now is peace.
    When nothing happens, nothing bad can happen, but nothing good can happen either, but why take the risk? I have a plan to accomplish this, hopefully it works. Even if I become a homeless veteran, at least I'll be content.

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