Simply Elegant (Diffused Water Pipe w/ ice tray and ash catcher) v0.1

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    After looking over many home-made pieces, since that is what I'm currently interested in, I designed a clear, elegant piece.

    Lid up on chamber for filling with ice:

    Lid down, ready to be lit and hit:

    The bottle in the big chamber has little wholes going all around its base, about 15 or so, which diffuses the smoke into the water via smaller bubbles = more surface area.

    Video of it being milked + hit:

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    Please post comments and suggestions.
  2. Mmmm... plastic.

    Looks decently made, but you don't want to be smoking out of that thing for prolonged periods of time. You should pick up a cheap glass spoon or something :D
  3. Yeah, my vaporizer is coming this Friday, so I need to keep myself busy with smoking home-made stuff until then. I'm trying to do creative things recently, although plastic, it is fresh everytime and I make sure to cool the smoke maximum to expose myself minimally to the burned plastic.
    I have another thread on here where I made a two-perc three chamber bong from plastic as well.
    Just being creative on the purp and sharing my idea's before my vape comes in.

    Thanks for your comment!
  4. im so glad you bought something so that you dont have to smoke out of that shit..
  5. I learn off my mistakes, gladly to say! Thanks for the advice as well. What do you think of it?

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