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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Bag of Needles, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I love just laying in some nice grass, watching the sky, and enjoying everything as I blaze up. Anywho, the other day me and this chick I know were just laying there hitting off the J, and talking about complex existence shit (as many stoners do). It was such a simple thing but the feeling was so amazing I felt as if I was in a greater form of existence (as many stoners do lol). Now to the point. Let's chat about enjoying life, the simple things, and laying in the lawn with mary Jane. :smoke:
  2. Damn I need to meet a girl like that:smoke:
  3. nature is beautiful man, ive been workin on a farm for 5 yrs now and i love it aint nnothing like sittin down back against a peach tree, ripe peach in hand, with a joint in the other and juice drippin from ur mouth as the warm summer breeze kicks underneath the trees, ah itll be another year before we r reunited, but no worries the dead silence of a complete whiteout and the bone shivering cold is equally enjoyable.
  4. I dig. There is a kind of slowness to this planet - trees growing, waves never stopping, clouds floating across the horizon. But today society is based on fastness - take this hamburger and eat it, here's a faster car so you can go to work, don't worry about going to see someone to talk to them just use this cell phone, it's all so fake. It's good to get back to the way it's meant to be every now and again.

    Sometime I just sit down and do nothing. Sometimes I will pick up a rock from the dirt and think that this rock has been around before I was born, before my parents were born, before humans even came to be. It's strange.

  5. i feel ya on that i used to try and live fast all the time, i take it slower now its much more of an enjoyable ride, the slower u drive the more u see.
  6. I love being outside while smoking, for that time it makes you feel as if the world is right and there is nothing to worry about other then the hopes that you are not in an ant pile.
  7. ive been working at a golf course for the last 6 years and i gotta tell ya, theres nothing like catering to the earth as a job. i see its raw beauty im up at 4:20 every morning (what a coincedence) lol i see every sunrise and sunset. wouldnt trade my job for anything.

  8. wow that would be a cool job get up smoke and work on a golf course I was also thinking being a park ranger would be a good job you would always be outside around nature.

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  10. You and that girl seem like people i would like to smoke with. I love nature, im almost never inside unless im either on here or playing with my band.

    The other day i was with a few of my buddys playing a little music together having a good time:smoke:. hitting on some OG and we all started playing so really complex stuff, check out my page in the next few days and i should have it up there.
  11. great timing! just today, I was blazing bong with a few good friends. Just chillin in the sunlight, discussing whatever came to mind.

    It's also the greatest time of the year, all the trees begin to change colors. Vibrant mixtures of greens, reds, yellows, and pinks. I can't get enough of it.
  12. if you think nature is simple, my friend, you need to eat an 8 ball of magical fungus, listen to Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd with "Beats" by Dr.Dre headphones and go out into a raw forest and tell me if you still feel the same way :smoke:
  13. the world was made to be simple. it should be that way still. technology has its ups and downs,,even though im on my laptop, the world would be a better place without it :/

    the world in an incredible place. nature is amazing. human beings are amazing also.

    living and leading a simple life....aaahhh, it feels good.

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