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  1. Well where to start? lol
    I decided to post a journal (after a few grows under my belt) to help get some feedback/pointers/advice and comments (negative or positive) gotta take the good with the bad eh?

    Well My setup is as follows
    Secret Jardin DR80
    400 W electronic ballast powering an air cooled 400 W HPS (at the moment)
    4 inch 165 CFM inline fan for cooling light
    DIY DWC box
    30" tower fan (for air flow/breeze)
    4 inch unknow cfm inlne fan/filter combo for exhaust

    I currently have 3 plants in my box that were veg'd for 3 weeks and am currently flowering them to hopefully get a mother plant (or two). I am expecting to get a package with new nutes, a cloning machine, a PH pen, rooting hormone and cloning gel which should be here monday or tuesday. The nutes is a full package of FF. This includes Grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching. I must apoligize for the quality of the pics I am gonna have to post for a bit till I can convince myself to go buy a real camera instead of using my cell phone lol. The 2 bigger plants look a little skinny tonight but I just trimmed off a bunch of the fan leaves about 20 mins ago.

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