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Simple workouts at home.

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by VintageBlunts, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Can anyone recommend and workouts etc i can do at home besides weightlifting, push-ups and squats etc.

    I don't have weights, but i might buy some when i come into my next social security loan. I'm not sure how good push-ups and squats would be for my physique but I'm willing to start and see how it helps. Also i heard stretching is good for helping to lose a little extra weight ontop of regular excercise.

    I'm about to do some push-ups and squats now. I know my PB for pushups is 20 in a set (Post gym days when i was quite unfit), I'm slightly obese and smoke ALOT so it makes it difficult, it's been a couple years since i have done any workouts and i think it's time to get my fitness in check.

    If anyone has any helpful advice, tips or ideas like jogging etc I'm willing to give it a go.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. are you trying to lose weight or build muscle?

    if your goal is to lose weight doing squats and pushups wont do much of anything for you.

    you need to do cardio (walk/jog/run/swim/bike/)
  3. I'm sure i'm a lot younger than u and i'm not overweight, but i just go jog like a couple miles every day if i can. I'm afraid years of pot smoking and occasional cig smoking has limited my endurance though sadly. and also i usually have manual labor jobs which keep me moving, key seems to be staying moving but i'm also pretty neurotic about shit bc i haven't been nekkid in front of enough girls and want to look good nekkid for at least a dozen lays and make them count. I'm also high as hell so this probably all will sound like self-kare king horse shit when i read it back in a couple hours
  4. Do push ups on the stairs allows you to get some cardio in without burning out like you'd on the floor.

    Biking is my favorite though
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  5. Both, I've done a small workout about an hour ago I plan on going for a decent run when the sun comes up.
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  6. During quarantine, I realized that I like doing exercises even more at home than in the gym. I like that you don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to wait in line for the right exercise machine, you don't have to smell someone else's sweat and worry that someone is staring at you. At home I have a little sports equipment, but that’s enough. If the weather is good, I practice in the backyard and I like it.
  7. Pushups, pullups, lunges, squats, sit ups, leg raises, back bends, all nice calisthenics.

    If you are eager to lose weight, simply eat when your hungry, track your daily calorie intake (also helps to track fat protein carb fiber)
    After one week of doing that find the average calories daily consumed. Now subtract 200 from that and you'll slowly lose weight, if you stall after a couple weeks, take another 100-200 calories off. You'll find the spot.

    If you get a barbell and some dumbbells. There's five "main lifts" that have been the staple in strength training and bodybuilding for decades

    These are the Bench press, Squat, Overhead press, Bent over Row, Deadlift.
    Work these 3 times a week for a few months and you'll see gains.

    Some also enjoy adding weighted Pullups. Or Romanian deadlifts, in place of deadlift (great for hamstrings)s
    , if done without proper form have a higher risk of lower back trauma.
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  8. I see people have come with tips, but I have one for you. Go on youtube, search bullyjuice 30 min exercise f.ex.
    I think its a good one, easy to follow along etc
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  9. has loads of free workout plans if you dig into the website, some have fantastic names like Super Saiyan etc or ones that use a katana can swop out for broom handles or sticks (outside recomended
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    I find it fun for 10 mins a day more for the more established member tho ..lololol

    deceptively tough!
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  11. Yes, I also think its important to not go all out when you start out. You want to keep it going 3 times a week at least i say..

    So if 30 minutes work are too intense then start with 20 and stay there for two weeks then up to 30 min f.ex
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