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    heres my simple soil mix contains everything for veg and 2 weeks flower then feed high p fert for rest of grow

    here goes

    the rates are per gallon of soil mix
    ok 1 gal 3b mix
    1 bunch of dried banana peels
    1 days worth spent coffee
    1/2 cup espoma plant tone
    1/2 cup biotone starter plus
    and 1 cup un-packed diatomaceous earth.

    i use this mix for autoflowers and starting veg plants, just give more soil for bigger pots then water 1 tbsp high p fert per gallon tea every other watering at beginning of week 2 flower, you can add molasses and/or a splash of lemon/orange juice to make a little bit more acidic

    this mix is for heavy feeding plants.
    all in all 25 gallons of this soil shouldnt cost you more than 35$ the 3b mix being the most expensive, then you can recycle most of it just adding amendments again which should cost you 12-16$ after that

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