Simple questions about Luke Wilson (and not if he's the actor)

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  1. His products look really solid with reinforced joints. I'm going to be dropping some cash on this fixed stem inline with #tree perc. and want to know what are the faults and blemishes on what appears to be a flawlesss record? are there better brands for inlines with a single perc?
  2. yeah you should for sure get one ,,i would ,,it would be a great buy,,peace LEAR oh and very much quality ,,guys makes really good glass
  3. I wouldn't say there are better brands if you're looking for an inline with a perc, considering Luke wilson is a pioneer in some of these designs, and their trees are simply great from what I see. So as for imperfections their quality control is quite good from what I hear and I highly doubt you'll see any cosmetic issues, and haven't heard of any tubes breaking because of a stressed point or something.

    So overall, quite high quality glass at not too outrageous prices. I was consdering the exact tube you are thinking of, but decided to look around a bit as a lot of these new single chamber tubes are insane. Either way I know you'll be glad with the purcahse.
  4. Exactly what I thought, thnx.
  5. i sent you a pm Orack
  6. I just bought one of the 10 Arm tree perc bubblers. I love it. Very smooth, easy enough to carry around in your hand. Very high quality, and I love the mouth piece and the milkiness.
  7. The only downside to Luke is that he's so good that he can no longer afford to waste time making the simple disc slides on his own.
  8. Yea those disc slides are awsome, after trying one out I'll never go back to ice pinch
  9. i still make most of my slides, thatis pretty much all i will be doing for the next month.
  10. please make more Quadragrid inline with three mini 10 arm trees. it is my dream piece and i would kill to get my hands on one
  11. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    more worked ones pretty please!! :bongin:

  12. This. With one of those glycerine encased slides...

    Ever since getting my 15arm bubbler a few weeks ago, it's been my daily driver. In fact, I just got done smoking some Trainwreck out of it. It's perfect.

    Luke, you are THE MAN!:hello:
  13. Well they are perfect. You, your apprentices and your brother do beautiful work. I use glass on glass laboratory equipment so I can appreciate your small details and reinforcement (I wish lab equipment was so sturdy)
  14. I will be making more quads, but not till mid july @ earliest. it is a complicated design to produce& i am working on making the trees welded to the seal instead of brdged together. Just short on time to produce them right now.
  15. this is amazing that the actually blower is answering questions here on grasscity
    i gained so much respect for luke wilson pieces
  16. He makes the only glass I'll buy now. So much quality, his works function so well, usually when people go crazy with the inlines and percs they create this suction that reminds me of sucking icecream through a straw but his are perfect.
  17. Luke please make some more of those inlines to percs. Saw one that was a gridded inline. Does that mean more will be coming out? I wasnt able to get one a few months back and theyve since been out of stock for months on ALT. Either way some of the most top notch stuff coming from you bro. Would love to see some collabs with you and hefe or SGW.
  18. Good to know.
  19. Yea I'm waiting until I can find any inline to single perc tube from him (Or anything sick like those tripple minis lol) I can find. I've been looking for so long but it'll be worth the wait and the search, might take a couple years but I'll eventually find one.

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