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  1. sorry to post it again but no one answered my alaskan fish fert question. so i posted it again. anyway all i want to know is what do ya'll think of it? I have the general (5-1-1) and the mor bloom (0-10-10). i know for instance that ndicabud likes schultz, but alaskan fish fert is all organic, so i thought it would be a pretty good fert for my ladies. if anyone has an opinion i'd like to hear it!
  2. Do you mean using fish meal fert?

    It will work fine, but with a couple of problems you may not want. First, it will attract protein craving critters. Cats, mice, fire ants, etc. will come and dig around trying to find the fishy odors. Second, your bud when smoked will taste like fish. Yeah, that's right a big fishy fatty!! Other than those two probs, it will work OK.
  3. I shall stop using it IMEDIATLY!
  4. Ferts such as that have to be used in conjunction with other organic ferts in order to be effective...using it without being an addition to the mix,,will do,and bring Exactly what BPP said......nasty assed tasting smoke,and critters....(and not the aussie

  5. man i rember back in the day when my dad grew he would sometimes put dead fish under the soil, I never really knew why but he always turned out some killer plants
  6. i once got an eighth that smelled like fish! maybe its because they used fish emulsion?
    i've also gotten bud that smelled like cat piss.
    any explanation for that???
  7. well alright i guess i'll discontinue use and switch to shults, however if i do this will it give it a chemical taste?
  8. cant you flush them before you harvest so they dont have the shitty taste?
  9. You should always flush before harvesting but fish emulsion tends to stay with the plant. And its easier to flush when you gro with hydro as opposed to growing in dirt.
  10. alright i got some peters and some super thrive. as it stands my fert mix is this: 1 tsp peters 20-20-20, 1/4 tsp super thrive, and 2 tbl h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide). once a week. now for flowering im going to use: 1 tsp peters 10-50-10, 1/2 tsp super thrive, 2 tbl h2o2. so does that sound about right?
  11. Go with once every two to three weeks! after safety and security first, don't overwater or OVERFERTILIZE. ;)

    But most of all have fun and learn something!
  12. thanks i'll do that!

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